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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Reading and Booksigning: Julia Bryan-Wilson

Reading - Nonfiction | September 7 | 5:30 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Julia Bryan-Wilson introduces her new book, Fray: Art and Textile Politics, which explores amateur, fine arts, and political uses of textile handcraft since the 1970s. Professor of modern and contemporary art and director of the Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley, Bryan-Wilson is the author of Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam War Era and, with Glenn Adamson, Art in the Making:...   More >

Friday, September 8, 2017

A Faculty Panel on Free Speech

Panel Discussion | September 8 | 4-6 p.m. | 145 Dwinelle Hall

Chancellor Carol T. Christ; Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, Berkeley Law; Steven Hayward, IGS Visiting Scholar; Arlie R. Hochschild, Professor Emerita of Sociology; David Landreth, Associate Professor of English; john a. powell, Professor of Law, African America Studies and Ethnic Studies

Office of the Chancellor

UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff
are invited to hear a panel of campus
thinkers from various points on the political
spectrum explore matters of free speech in
the 21st century. A Q&A period will follow.
This special discussion is for the Cal
community. There is no cost for admission.
Please bring campus ID for entry.
Space is limited and doors will open at 3:50 p.m.

Faculty, Staff, Students - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate

Faculty, Staff, Students - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate

Please bring campus id for entry.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Genders in Translation

Conference/Symposium | September 22 | 10 a.m.-5 p.m. |  Anthony Hall

Department of Gender and Women's Studies, International Campus at the University of Malaga, Spain

Genders in Translation, a day-long symposium organized by the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, brings together international interdisciplinary scholars to consider how genders are understood, lived, represented, and translated across diverse cultures, geopolitical regions, and historical moments.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Academic Ableism and Alternatives

Conference/Symposium | September 30 | 10 a.m.-5 p.m. |  Alumni House

Margaret Price, Associate Professor of English, The Ohio State University; Wanda J. Blanchett, Distinguished Professor and Dean, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers; Stephanie Kerschbaum, Associate Professor of English, University of Delaware; Jay Dolmage, Associate Professor of English, University of Waterloo

Disability Studies Research Cluster, HIFIS, Equity and Inclusion, Vice Chancellor, Graduate School of Education, College of Environmental Design, Department of Ethnic Studies, Department of Gender and Women's Studies, Department of Rhetoric, Department of Sociology

The symposium takes its name from the title of Jay Dolmage’s forthcoming book, Academic Ableism. “For too long,” Dolmage argues, “disability has been constructed as the antithesis of higher education, often positioned as a distraction, a drain, a problem to be solved. The ethic of higher education encourages students and teachers alike to accentuate ability, valorize perfection, and stigmatize...   More >