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Sasha Waltz

Sasha Waltz and Guests: Körper

Performing Arts - Dance | October 20 | 8-10 p.m. |  Zellerbach Hall

Sasha Waltz, Cal Performances

Cal Performances

In her signature work, Körper (Bodies), Berlin choreographer Sasha Waltz explores the visceral tangle of humanity from the perspectives of history, science, and architecture. Waltz premiered Körper in her first season as artistic director of the Schaubühne Theater in 2000 and now revives the work as she is poised to take on the co-directorship of the Staatsballett Berlin next year. Set on 13 male and female dancers, the movement evokes a staggering range of embodied experience through a series of living tableaux, both epic and intimate; the dancers morph and converge, meld and squirm, join and are torn apart, creating a powerful and unforgettable emotional landscape. Please note: this work includes nudity.

All Audiences

All Audiences

Please note: this performance includes nudity.

 $30-78 (prices subject to change)

Tickets go on sale August 7. Buy tickets online, or by calling 5106429988, or by emailing

CA,, 5106429988