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Monday, October 14, 2019

OpenTable Info-Session

Information Session: External Relations Group: EE: CS: Data Science | October 14 | 6:30-8 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (430)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Open Table is a real-time online reservation network for fine-dining. From helping restaurants of all sizes thrive, to enabling diners to find and book the perfect table for every occasion, Open Table’s story is one of human connection—among diners and restaurants, and between restaurants and their communities.

Jack Marketon, a Senior Software Engineer on Open Table’s Consumer Web team, will...   More >

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Apple Info-Session: Careers in Hardware Panel

Information Session: External Relations Group: Dissertation Talk: CS: Data Science | October 15 | 6-7:30 p.m. | Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center, Sibley Auditorium

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Hear from Apple engineers about their education and career journeys, and ask questions about your own path and opportunities at Apple.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

EECS Colloquium: Provably Beneficial Artificial Intelligence

Colloquium: Departmental: EE: CS | October 16 | 4-5 p.m. | Soda Hall, 306 (HP Auditorium)

 Stuart Russell, Berkeley EECS

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

It is reasonable to expect that AI capabilities will eventually exceed those of humans across a range of real-world-decision making scenarios. Should this be a cause for concern, as Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and others have suggested?...   More >

Accenture Labs Info-Session

Information Session: External Relations Group: EE: CS: Data Science | October 16 | 5:30-7 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (430)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Meet us for a casual Q&A dinner and Info-Session!


Andrew Nam, R&D Group System and Platforms

- Research Areas: Data Science 2.0
- Knows about: Machine Learning, API platform development, Containerization (Docker)
- Current projects: AutoML: Developing a new approach to model architecture and hyperparameter tuning to provide more intelligent and intentional machine learning...   More >

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Andreessen Horowitz Tech Talk

Information Session: External Relations Group: EE: CS: Data Science | October 17 | 5:30-7:30 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (430)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Join a16z for a Tech Talk with Applied Intuition and Sisu

Andreessen Horowitz wants to connect the best developers and designers to our startup portfolio. If you have a pasion for technology, join the a16z talent network!

Food will be provided!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Seminar with PhD Student Adji Bousso Dieng: Prescribed Generative Adversarial Networks

Seminar: Artificial Intelligence: CS | October 18 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | Sutardja Dai Hall, Room 250

 Adji Bousso Dieng, Columbia University

 College of Engineering

GANs are a powerful approach to unsupervised learning. They have achieved state-of-the-art performance in the image domain. However, GANs are limited in two ways. They often learn distributions with low support---a phenomenon known as mode collapse---and they do not guarantee the existence of a probability density, which makes...   More >

Design Conversations: Claire Evans

Colloquium: Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation: CS | October 18 | 12-1 p.m. |  Jacobs Hall

 Claire Evans

 Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

This fall, we continue our series For Whom? By Whom? Designs for Belonging launched in Spring 2019.

Inclusion, accessibility, and justice are unavoidable terms in debates on design and technology today. It has become clear that fostering belonging requires overcoming design's perceived innocence - admitting historical and contemporary cases where design accidentally or purposefully...   More >

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar: A Framework for Information Processing: Computing Beyond Moore’s Law

Seminar: Solid State Technology and Devices: EE: CS: Data Science | October 18 | 1-2 p.m. | Cory Hall, The Hogan Room, 521

 Sadasivan Shankar, Ph.D, Associate in Applied Physics, Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Cambridge, MA

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

As part of this talk, we will also briefly illustrate a new class that we have developed in which students are taught hands-on about using extreme computing to address real applications. With a focus on real applications, we anticipate co-design will shift the way computing is evaluated and enable many possibilities in applying computing to solve societal problems.

Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation Fall 2019 Information Session

Information Session: Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation: CS | October 18 | 2-3 p.m. | 220 Jacobs Hall

 Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation

Join us for an Information and Q&A session (and Pizza) on Friday, October, 18th at 220 Jacobs Hall, 2-3pm, to learn more about the certificate and have your questions answered about fulfilling the certificate requirements, courses enrollment, course availability, etc...
RSVP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVv5xk-PQKgDocuFe3rGZvQT_dZ-scusZv0or1Z32-rPd7PA/viewform   More >

BLISS Seminar: Spectral graph matching and regularized quadratic relaxations

Seminar: Dissertation Talk: Berkeley Laboratory for Information and System Sciences (BLISS) | October 18 | 2-3 p.m. | 400 Cory Hall

 Jiaming Xu, Duke University

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Given two unlabeled, edge-correlated graphs on the same set of vertices, we study the “graph matching” problem of identifying the unknown mapping from vertices of the first graph to those of the second. This amounts to solving a computationally intractable quadratic assignment problem. We propose a new spectral method, which computes the eigendecomposition of the two graph adjacency matrices and...   More >

Strategic Initiatives for Inland Movement of Containerized Imports at San Pedro Bay

Seminar: EE: CS | October 18 | 4 p.m. | 290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

 Rob Leachman, UC Berkeley

 Institute of Transportation Studies

UC Berkeley's Rob Leachman will present Strategic Initiatives for Inland Movement of Containerized Imports at San Pedro Bay at 4 p.m. Oct. 25 at the ITS Transportation Seminar in 290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building.

Rob Leachman