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Performance Isolation and Fairness for Multi-Tenant Cloud Storage

Seminar: Departmental | December 4 | 10-11 a.m. | 405 Soda Hall

Mike Freedman, Princeton University

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Shared storage services enjoy wide adoption in commercial clouds. But most systems today provide weak performance isolation and fairness between tenants, if at all. Misbehaving or high-demand tenants can overload the shared service and disrupt other well-behaved tenants, leading to unpredictable performance and violating SLAs.

This talk describes Pisces, a system for achieving datacenter-wide per-tenant performance isolation and fairness in shared key-value storage. Today´s approaches for multi-tenant resource allocation are based either on per-VM allocations or hard rate limits that assume uniform workloads to achieve high utilization. Pisces achieves per-tenant weighted fair shares (or minimal rates) of the aggregate resources of the shared service, even when different tenants´ partitions are co-located and when demand for different partitions is skewed, time-varying, or bottlenecked by different server resources. Pisces does so by decomposing the fair sharing problem into a combination of four complementary mechanisms -- partition placement, weight allocation, replica selection, and weighted fair queuing -- that operate on different time-scales and combine to provide system-wide max-min fairness. An evaluation of our Pisces storage prototype achieves nearly ideal (0.99 Min-Max Ratio) weighted fair sharing, strong performance isolation, and robustness to skew and shifts in tenant demand.

Joint work with David Shue (Princeton) and Anees Shaikh (IBM Research).

Michael J. Freedman is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Princeton University. His research broadly focuses on distributed systems, networking, and security, and has led to commercial products and deployed systems reaching millions of users daily. Honors include a Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE), Sloan Fellowship, NSF CAREER Award, ONR Young Investigator Award, and DARPA CSSG membership.