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E-Paper Displays with Electro-Responsive Nanodroplets

Seminar: Solid State Technology and Devices | October 5 | 1-2 p.m. | 521 Cory Hall

Prof. Sang‐Joon (John) Lee, San Jose State University

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS), EE 298-12

ʺElectronic paperʺ encompasses several approaches to providing thin, low‐cost displays. The various approaches predominantly use reflective‐mode operation and bistability principles to offer high contrast and low power consumption, even in bright daylight. This talk will begin with an overview of some different e‐paper technologies and a comparison of basic working principles and relative merits. Following the overview, one particular approach will be discussed, based on electro‐responsive nanodroplets that are dispersed in a non‐polar liquid (i.e., a reverse‐emulsion). This ink technology, innovated by research collaborators at Zikon, Inc., is capable of video speed and low voltage operation well below 10 V. Recent research attention at SJSU has focused on studying the interaction of this ink with a stationary porous matrix that serves as the “paper” component of the display. The porous matrix is produced as a thin layer of bonded titanium dioxide (TiO2) particles between transparent electrodes, which may be patterned on glass or flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates. Functional performance criteria include high contrast, spatial uniformity, bistability (i.e., retaining an image with little or no power), fast response time, and robustness to extensive switching. The talk includes discussion of fabrication process development, parametric modeling, and experimental testing in pursuit of these objectives., 510-642-2911