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UC Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) 2012: Campus Collaboration

Conference/Symposium | August 5 – 7, 2012 every day | Clark Kerr Campus, Conference Center

Office of the CIO (Chief Information Officer)

The annual UC Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) will be held at the Conference Center on the Clark Kerr Campus, August 5-7, 2012.

This year's theme is Campus Collaboration. We will be exploring what it takes to have successful collaborations — shared vision to solve common problems, technology platforms that support differences in campus practices, and governance models that ensure sustainable resource and participation commitments. We'll also take a look at how collaboration helps our campuses find solutions in times of tight budget constraints. Be an active participant at UCCSC 2012, and share your knowledge and experience.

Faculty, Staff

All Audiences

Registration required.

 $150 per person early registration through July 15, 2012;,  $200 per person after July 15, 2012, on space-available basis.

Registration opens June 1. Register by July 15 online. Contact person: Shelly Kleinschrodt

Breakfast and Lunch