Introduction to Maptek Laser Scanning

Workshop | January 29 | 9:10 a.m.-1 p.m. | Giannini Hall, adjacent creek | Note change in date

 Archaeological Research Facility

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Researchers from ESPM and LAEP will be surveying sections of Strawberry Creek using the ARF's Maptek iSite 4400 LIDAR scanner. The data will be used to further the geomorphological understanding of riparian ecosystems and assist in the management of Strawberry Creek by the University. Surveys will be conducted within the stream bed so participants are advised to bring footwear that is waterproof if they don't wish to get wet.

The workshop includes the following
- setting up the Maptek laser scanner
- use of the Maptek tablet software
- downloading the data

Processing steps in Maptek ISite software will likely be covered at a later date.

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 This workshop is only open to UC Berkeley participants. Register online