Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Wai Wai Nu | On Rohingya Citizenship Rights: Talk followed by community updates by UC Berkeley's Rohingya Working Group

Lecture | March 19 | 4-6 p.m. | Stephens Hall, 10 (ISAS Conf. Room)

 Wai Wai Nu, Visiting Scholar, Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley

 Eric Stover, Faculty Director of the Human Rights Center and Adjunct Professor of Law and Public Health, UC Berkeley

 Yoshika Crider, PhD Student | Energy & Resources Group

 Samira Siddique, MS PhD Student | Energy & Resources Group

 The Subir and Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies, Institute for South Asia Studies, Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Human Rights Center

A lecture on the Rohingya Crisis

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Play Based Learning in the Global South: A Chat with BRAC

Panel Discussion | March 28 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 10 Stephens Hall

 The Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), The Subir & Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies, Blum Center for Developing Economies, Master's of Development Practice

BRAC’s Executive Director, Dr. Muhammed Musa and BRAC USA’s Education Director, Devon McLorg, will co-present on effective approaches to early childhood development in the context of a larger strategy for poverty eradication. They will also highlight gaps in the research to advance gains in learning outcomes for young children.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Tony Stewart | Subjunctive Explorations - Fictive Sufi Tales of Early Modern Bengal: The 2nd ISAS-VSB Lecture on Religion in the Modern World

Lecture | April 5 | 5-7 p.m. | Stephens Hall, 10 (ISAS Conf. Room)

 Tony K. Stewart, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in Humanities Professor and Chair, Department of Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University

 Robert Goldman, Professor of Sanskrit and Catherine and William L. Magistretti Distinguished Professor in South & Southeast Asian Studies

 Institute for South Asia Studies, Vedanta Society Berkeley, The Subir & Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies

A lecture by Prof. Tony K. Stewart, professor of religion at Vanderbilt University, and a specialist in the religions and literatures of the Bengali-speaking world.