Finding the active sites in dispersed metal oxide catalysts: Lessons from olefin polymerization and metathesis: 2019 Eastman Chemical Lecturer

Conference/Symposium | December 3 | 2:30-4 p.m. | 775 Tan Hall

 Dr. Susannah Scott, Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

 Department of Chemical Engineering

Heterogeneous catalyst design is often hampered by a lack of precise information about the molecular identity of the active sites. Synthesizing model catalysts with control of the local structure allows us to interrogate the active sites about their interactions with reactants and products, including activation and deactivation processes. The approach has proven particularly
fruitful for dispersed metal oxides, in which the active site consists of a single metal ion interacting with an oxide support. I will describe our efforts to identify active sites in transition metal ions dispersed on oxide supports for large-scale olefin polymerization and metathesis, to describe their structures and their activation mechanisms, and to test their kinetic competence in catalytic transformations., 510-643-1557