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Members' Walk: California Collection

Tour/Open House | April 14 | 1-2:30 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

Ben Anderson, Horticulturist, UC Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Join horticulturist Ben Anderson on a tour through the California collection. This expansive collection hosts a cross-section of the state's diverse flora. We will look at a wide variety of plants from annuals to bulbs, flowering shrubs to trees as well as succulents and "belly flowers". We will discuss special adaptations that let these plants thrive in our long, dry summers, and talk about how to succeed with these plants in home landscapes.

 Free for Garden members

Registration opens April 4. Register by April 14 online, or by calling Sarah Wininger, Membership Coordinator at 510-664-4509, or by emailing Sarah Wininger, Membership Coordinator at, 510-664-4509