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Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Materials: Wafer-Scale Synthesis, Exciton Condensation, and Catalysis for Water Splitting: Nano Seminar Series

Seminar: Seminars of interest | April 27 | 2-3 p.m. | 60 Evans Hall

Prof. Linyou Cao, North Carolina State Univ., MSE / ECE / Physics

Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute

Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) materials such as MoS2, WS2, MoSe2, and WSe2 present an attractive semiconductor option at the atomic level. These materials bear great promise to enable the development of novel devices in a variety of technical fields, including information technology, photonics, and clean energy.

In this talk, I will present our latest progress in the controlled scalable synthesis, photonics, and catalysis of 2D TMDC materials. These include:
• Synthesis and transfer of wafer-scale (4’’ wafer scale or larger) high-quality 2D TMDC materials with precisely controlled physical features.
• Discovery of two novel optical functionalities of 2D TMDC materials: electric gating of photons and room-temperature exciton condensation.
• Development of MoS2 catalysts with performance better than Pt for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER)

Linyou Cao did his PhD in MSE at Stanford in 2010 and held a Miller Research Fellowship at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) prior to joining the faculty of NCSU in 2011. Recognitions include NSF CAREER Award and Army Research Office Young Investigator Award plus 60+ papers.