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Washington's Role in the Study of the Universe

Colloquium: Astronomy Colloquia | April 25 | 4-5 p.m. | 1 LeConte Hall

Kevin Marvel, AAS

Department of Astronomy

Nearly all astronomical research in the United States is funded by the federal government. This has good and bad ramifications. On the positive side, there is a lot of money available, although the number of astronomers, astronomy projects and the cost of those projects all increase steadily. On the negative side, the process of getting funding, the annual budget deliberation (or battle, or standoff…) can disrupt project funding and even individual investigator grants. What is going on in Washington right now from the point of view of astronomy? How can astronomers help ensure steady and even increasing funding in these tough economic times? Are we looking at years of cuts ahead? In my presentation, I will discuss the annual budget process, the particular details of the President's proposed 2014 budget and the current state of play in Washington as well as detailing how individuals can have a significant voice in the process with a minimal investment of time and effort., 510-642-5275