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Down by the River: 3000 Years of Occupation Along The Napa River near St. Helena, California

Lecture: ARF Brownbag | April 24 | 12-1 p.m. | 101 2251 College (Archaeological Research Facility)

John Holson, Tsim Schneider and Lori Hager, Pacific Legacy Inc

Archaeological Research Facility

As part of the Napa Valley Flood Control Project, Pacific Legacy conducted an extensive archeological excavation at the confluence of the Napa River and Sulphur Creek. Underlying the Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park archaeological excavation revealed a large prehistoric and historic cemetery of varied burial practices and accompanying artifacts. The majority of the remains date to the Early Middle Period, approximately 500 B.C. Subsequent data analysis traces multiple episodes of tool making of predominately Napa Glass Mountain obsidian dating from the early occupation through at least 1600 A.D. Other artifacts include a robust groundstone collection, beads of all types, bone tools, and charmstones. In addition, several artifact caches of obsidian bifaces were found indicating active inter-regional trade and exchange of Napa Glass Mountain obsidian. The temporal and social implications of this site will be discussed relative to previous investigations in the Napa Region.

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