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Colonists, Wine and Urbanism in Central-Adriatic Italy: Revealing Roman Potentia

Lecture: Other UCB Archaeology | January 10 | 5:30 p.m. | 3335 Dwinelle Hall

Frank Vermeulen, University of Ghent, Department of Archaeology


Since 2000 the Ghent University team of the “Potenza Valley Survey” ( has
achieved intensive and integrated intra- and extra mural surveys, as well as excavations , on the
abandoned Roman town-site of Potentia, a Late Republican colony founded in 184 BC. Recently
also the suburban area of this Adriatic coastal colony was investigated with more applications of
geomorphological fieldwork, geophysical prospections, spectacular aerial photography and fine
resolution artifact surveys. Specific aims are a better understanding of suburban topography and
settlement dynamics of this coastal landscape from Republican times to the early Medieval period.
The presentation will focus on methods of integration of survey and excavation data and especially
reveal exciting results about early urbanization and economic exploitation by Roman colonists of a
newly conquered territory in Picenum.