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Sources of Shang History: New Discoveries and Advances in Chinese Archaeology and Paleography: A Symposium in Honor of the 80th Birthday of David N. Keightley

Conference/Symposium: Other UCB Archaeology | October 26 | 1 p.m. |  Institute of East Asian Studies (2223 Fulton, 6th Floor)

Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), Center for Chinese Studies (CCS)

This symsposium honors the 80th birthday of one of the greatest scholars in the field of Chinese Oracle bones, Professor Emeritus David N. Keightley. Scholars will come together to present a selection of new work in the field of oracle bones, and assess the legendary work of Professor Keightley.

Caverlee Cary, Asst. Dir. for Program Planning,, 510-642-2809