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The Beauty and Complexity of Islamic Geometric Patterns: Historical Development and Traditional Design Methodology

Lecture | December 1 | 7-9 p.m. |  Zaytuna College

2401 Le Conte Ave., Berkeley, CA 94578

Jay Bonner

Zaytuna College

This lecture and book signing will cover geometric complexity as a vehicle for beauty within the tradition of Islamic geometric art. In addition to historical development and traditional design methodology, this lecture and visual presentation will focus on geometric stratagems for complexity, including self-similarity and quasiperiodicity.

About the Speaker: Jay Bonner is a consulting specialist in the field of Islamic architectural ornament, as well as an unaffiliated scholar of Islamic geometric design. He received his MDes from the Royal College of Art in London in 1983, and has lived in Santa Fe since 1992. Since receiving his master’s degree, he has worked as an architectural ornamentalist specializing in Islamic geometric and floral design. Most of his projects are in the Middle East, but he has also worked in the United Kingdom and the United States. He has provided architectural ornaments for many projects, including: the expansion of the al-Masjid al Haram (Grand Mosque) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; the expansion of the al-Masjid an-Nawabi (Prophet’s Mosque) in Medina, Saudi Arabia; the Abraj al-Bait Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; The Tomb of Sheikh Hujwiri in Lahore, Pakistan; and the Ismaili Centre in London, England.