SPH Brown Bag Research Presentation: Algorithmic Bias in Health

Seminar | March 19 | 12-1 p.m. | 5101 Berkeley Way West

 Ziad Obermeyer, Acting Associate Professor, School of Public Health

 Public Health, School of

Dr. Ziad Obermeyer is a newly hired Associate Professor in Health Policy and Management. He is a physician and researcher who works at the intersection of machine learning and health. His research seeks to understand and improve decision making in public policy and clinical medicine, and drive innovations in health research.

To assess future health care needs, many large health care organizations rely on algorithmically generated commercial risk scores. Dr. Obermeyer documents significant racial bias in one widely used algorithm, which affects health care decisions for tens of millions of people across the US. We are able to isolate the mechanism of bias, and discuss preliminary work with the algorithm manufacturer suggesting that the bias can be corrected.