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Safety Net Investments in Children: The Evidence on SNAP/Cal-Fresh

Seminar | April 25 | 12-1 p.m. | UC Center Sacramento, Room LL3

1130 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Hillary Hoynes, Department of Economics and Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Berkeley Food Institute

SNAP is the second largest anti-poverty program for children in the U.S. The research consistently shows that SNAP leads to reductions in food insecurity, satisfying a core goal of the program. Recent research shows that the benefits of SNAP are much broader and further reaching than the reduction in food insecurity. Professor Hoynes summarizes the evidence from current research that quantifies the effects of childhood access to food stamps on long run health and economic outcomes. She concludes with thoughts about the California context and possible opportunities for the CalFresh program.

Hilary Hoynes is a Professor of Economics and Public Policy and holds the Haas Distinguished Hoynes PhotoChair in Economic Disparities at the University of California Berkeley. Hoynes specializes in the study of poverty, inequality, and the social safety net. Professor Hoynes is a member of the American Economic Association’s Executive Committee, the Federal Commission on Evidence-Based Policy Making, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Building an Agenda to Reduce the Number of Children in Poverty by Half in 10 Years, and the California Task Force on Lifting Children and Families out of Poverty. From 2011 to 2016 she was the co-editor of the leading journal in economics the American Economic Review. Hoynes received her PhD in Economics from Stanford University in 1992 and her undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics from Colby College in 1983.

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