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The Impact of the Medicaid Primary Care Fee Bump on the Cost and Quality of Care for Dual-Eligibles with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Colloquium | April 12 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 198 University Hall

Mark Unruh, PhD, Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

Public Health, School of

The Affordable Care Act enacted a temporary “Medicaid primary care fee bump” that required states’ Medicaid programs to reimburse health care providers the same rates as Medicare for primary care services for all Medicaid patients during a two-year period, 2013-2014. For dual-eligibles, states’ Medicaid programs were required to reimburse providers the full 20% Medicare coinsurance for primary care services. This study examines the impact of the Medicaid primary care fee bump on the cost and quality of care for dual-eligibles with multiple chronic conditions., 510-643-8571