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Do not give me tweets, give me IDEAS to fix USA Healthcare: Insights from German Health Care

Workshop | September 5 | 4-5 p.m. | 401 University Hall

Axel Kern, Ravenzburg-Weingarten University. Germany

Public Health, School of

How can we achieve healthcare for everyone?
How can we make it affordable?
How can we develop a financial model that warranty the above?

While not perfect, the German healthcare system has been praised for its efficiency and relative low costs. Doctors make a living; patients get services and insurance companies grow. How come? Several financial "tricks" are used to keep the economic game balanced among the different actors.

This system, in its organization, financing and service provision, is very different from the US system. It is based on the ‘Bismarck Model’ of social or public insurance. Although sizeable private elements exist within the system, in the form of co-payments required for utilization of the benefits or services granted by the Social Health Insurance (SHI) services, the dynamics are based on an rationalization and rationing of services.

"Private purchase of health goods and services is possible for everybody. The definition of the basic package provided by the SHI and herewith the Federal Joint Committee plays a key role in assessing pharmaceuticals and medical examination methods that are to be adopted to the benefit catalogue. Regarding the demographic change within the next twenty years there will be severe challenges according to further financial restrictions affecting new medical and pharmaceutical treatments made available to the SHI insurees.”

PS: The two best ideas will be rewarded with a truly german handmade chocolate."

it is recommended to reserve a seat; this is a talk/brainstorming session. RSVP by September 5 online. Contact person: Victor