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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Matrix On Point: The Fate of the Forests

Panel Discussion | February 5 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 820 Barrows Hall

 Nancy Peluso, Henry J. Vaux Distinguished Professor of Forest Policy, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Christopher Lesser, Graduate Student, Institute of International Studies; Stephanie Postar, Post-Doctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley Department of Geography

 Social Science Matrix

The destruction of the world's forests has had massive environmental impacts, contributing to unprecedented losses in biodiversity around the world. The recent, catastrophic fires in the Amazon rainforest, the so-called lungs of our planet, were started by developers seeking to profit from the cultivation of crops, mining, logging, and grazing on the land and drive away the indigenous peoples who...   More >

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Plant and Microbial Biology Seminar: Kustu Lecture: Bacterial body building: mechanisms and consequences of Helicobacter pylori morphology

Seminar | February 5 | 12-1 p.m. | 101 Barker Hall

 Nina Salama, Director, Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Graduate Program, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

 Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

Dr. Nina Salama studies Helicobacter pylori, a stomach bacterium that infects half the world’s population and is associated with ulcers and gastric cancer — the third leading cancer killer worldwide. Her team found that H. pylori’s unique corkscrew shape allows the bug to colonize the stomach by burrowing into the mucus lining where it is protected from the acidic environment. They found a set of...   More >

Nina Salama

Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology Seminar: The “brownless” brown adipocytes in thermoregulation and metabolism

Seminar | February 5 | 4-5 p.m. | 114 Morgan Hall

 Darrell Neufer, Professor, East Carolina University

 Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology

ERG Colloquium: Laura Schewel: Transportation Behavioral Data and Climate Change

Colloquium | February 5 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 126 Barrows Hall

 Laura Schewel, StreetLight Data

 Energy and Resources Group

Laura Schewel will explore how the seemingly
mundane topic of transportation data collection techniques has evolved over the years, along with the surprising new insights it yields.