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CACNY: Disrupters Discuss "Smart Cities -- Cool Futures w/Tech Innovation

Panel Discussion: Alumni Chapters | December 16 | 6:15-8:45 p.m. | Microsoft, 6th Floor (Corner of 41st & 8th Ave.)

11 Times Square, New York, NY 10036

Cal Alumni Association, Cal Alumni Club of New York

Special Reserved Seating for UC Berkeley Alumni – to get the special seating, RSVP with your full name here, then while you are on the Meetup site, message Lauren Keyson, the organizer, and note that you are a UC Berkeley Alumni!

Smart cities stay safe and operate efficiently. Discover the smart technologies that keep your community connected. By incorporating information and communication technologies, smart cities can enhance the quality and performance of urban services. Learn how the collection, interpretation and application of data fuels progress in societies.

A smart city uses multiple sources of data to improve the lives of citizens and visitors. In addition, connected sensors and tech give real-time insights to aid city government, public and private companies. “Data science is the key – the secret sauce to optimizing services,” Cornelia Levy-Bencheton & Mike Barlow, "Smart Cities" Experts.