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Monday, December 2, 2019

Towards atom-by-atom catalyst design: Fundamental insights from real-time microscopy and ambient spectroscopy

Seminar | December 2 | 10-11 a.m. | 775 Tan Hall

 Barbara Lechner, Ph.D., Technical University of Munich

 College of Chemistry

Lynne Kiorpes

Seminar | December 2 | 11:10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. | 489 Minor Hall

 Lynne Kiorpes, NYU

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

Combinatorics Seminar: Partition bijections: beyong Gollnitz theorem

Seminar | December 2 | 12:10-1 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall | Canceled

 Isaac Konan, Universite de Paris

 Department of Mathematics

In 2003, Alladi, Andrews, and Berkovich proved an identity for partitions where parts occur in eleven colors: four primary colors, six secondary colors, and one quaternary color. Their work answered a longstanding question of how to go beyond a classical theorem of Göllnitz, which uses three primary and three secondary colors. Their main tool was a deep and difficult four-parameter q-series...   More >

Political Economy Seminar

Seminar | December 2 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Bryony Reich, Professor, Northwestern

 Department of Economics

The Political Economy Seminar focuses on formal and quantitative work in the political economy field, including formal political theory.

Special Research Seminar: A chemical biology toolbox for RNA post-transcriptional modification and capture

Seminar | December 2 | 1:30-2:30 p.m. | 775 Tan Hall

 Prof. Jen Heemstra, Department of Chemistry, Emory University

 College of Chemistry

Biomolecules are exquisitely adept at molecular recognition and self-assembly, enabling them to direct all of the processes that make life possible. These capabilities have been fine-tuned by billions of years of evolution, and more recently, have been harnessed in the laboratory to
enable the use of biomolecules for applications beyond their canonical biological roles. The
common thread that...   More >

Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory RTG Seminar: Burgess methods in new settings

Seminar | December 2 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 Lilliance Pierce, Duke

 Department of Mathematics

About 60 years ago, the Burgess method set a record for bounding short multiplicative character sums in one dimension. This talk will present a “Burgess method” for character sums in arbitrary dimensions, involving both additive and multiplicative characters, evaluated at appropriate polynomials. This includes an unexpected connection to the Vinogradov Mean Value Theorem.

In the pre-talk I...   More >

Juan Pablo Vielma — Mixed Integer Programming Methods for Machine Learning and Statistics

Seminar | December 2 | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | 1174 Etcheverry Hall

 Juan Pablo Vielma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

Abstract: More than 50 years of development have made mixed integer programming (MIP) an extremely successful tool. MIP’s modeling flexibility allows it describe a wide range of business, engineering and scientific problems, and, while MIP is NP-hard, many of these problems are routinely solved in practice thanks to state-of-the-art solvers that nearly double their machine-independent speeds...   More >

Unifying deep learning with item response theory: interval measurement, annotator debiasing, efficiency, and explainability

Colloquium | December 2 | 4-5:30 p.m. | Berkeley Way West, Room 1102, Berkeley Way West (2121 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA 94720)

 Claudia von Vacano, Executive Director, D-Lab

 Graduate School of Education

Outcome phenomena are typically measured at the binary level: a comment is toxic or not, an image has sexual content or it doesn’t, a patient is healthy or deceased. But the real world is more complex. How can we achieve the same kind of meaningful, continuous scales for arbitrary outcomes?

Molecular mechanism of DNA replication - from origins to forks and factories

Seminar | December 2 | 4-5 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Huilin Li, Van Andel Research Institute

 College of Chemistry

In eukaryotes, DNA replication origins are activated in the late G1 phase of cell cycle, in which Origin Recognition Complex recruits the helicase core Mcm2-7 onto DNA and assemble an inactive double-hexamer. The Mcm2-7 double-hexamer is converted to two active CMG (Cdc45-Mcm2-7-GINS) helicases at the G1-to-S transition. And in the S phase, the CMG helicases works with DNA polymerases, primases...   More >

Seminar 271, Development: The Market for Healthcare at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Seminar | December 2 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Reshma Hussam, Harvard Business School

 Department of Economics

Seminar 208, Microeconomic Theory: "Forecast-Hedging and Calibration"

Seminar | December 2 | 4:10-5:30 p.m. | 639 Evans Hall

 Sergiu Hart, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 Department of Economics

Why success becomes more likely when you are willing to fail: SLAM Seminar Series

Seminar | December 2 | 5:30-6:30 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Jen Heemstra, Emory University

 QB3 - California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

This seminar will be a lively discussion about work approaches in graduate school, benefits of proper communication with your peers, and how to navigate the long academic journey. You can follow Jen on Twitter @jenheemstra for her experiences and leadership advice!

Jen Heemstra received her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine, in 2000. At Irvine, she performed...   More >


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

TextXD 2019

Conference/Symposium | December 3 | 9 a.m.-5 p.m. | Haas School of Business, Spieker Forum (6th floor), Chou Hall

 Berkeley Institute for Data Science

TextXD brings together researchers from across a wide range of disciplines, who work with text as a primary source of data. ...   More >

Urban Indian Women in the Bay Area: Building Community in the Twentieth Century

Seminar | December 3 | 9-9:30 a.m. | Barrows Hall, Radio broadcast, ON-AIR ONLY, 90.7 FM KALX

 Katie Keliiaa, Department of Ethnic Studies; Andrew Saintsing, Department of Integrative Biology

 KALX Berkeley

Katie studies the Bay Area Outing Program, an early twentieth century assimilation program which took Native American women out of their tribal lands and brought them to the Bay Area to perform domestic work. Katie discusses how the Native American women in the program managed to resisted assimilation and managed to establish vibrant communities rooted in pan-Indian identity.

Katie Keliiaa

Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement Workshop

Workshop | December 3 | 10 a.m.-12 p.m. |  International House

 Berkeley International Office(BIO))

J-1 and J-2 visitors subject to this requirement must return to their country of legal permanent residence for two years or obtain a waiver before being eligible for certain employment visas such as H (temporary employment), L (intra-company transfer), or Permanent Resident status ("green card"). Not all J visitors are subject as it depends on specific factors.

At this workshop, you will...   More >

Amgen Seminar in Organic Chemistry: Twists and turns along the path of reactivity-driven methodology development

Seminar | December 3 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Hosea Nelson, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA

 College of Chemistry

Carbocations are important reactive intermediates that are invoked in many chemical transformations. These species are usually of the tricoordinated variety. Conversely, dicoordinated carbenium ions are rarely invoked as intermediates in practical chemical processes due to their high energy and energetically challenging formation. In this talk I will discuss our recent efforts to utilize phenyl...   More >

Student Faculty Macro Lunch

Presentation | December 3 | 12-1 p.m. | 597 Evans Hall

 Pascal Paul, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

 Clausen Center

This workshop consists of one-hour informal presentations on topics related to macroeconomics and international finance, broadly defined. The presenters are UC Berkeley PhD students, faculty, and visitors.

  RSVP  by November 29.

Strategies to Sharpen Your Focus (BEUHS065)

Workshop | December 3 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Section Club

 Elliott DiTusa, LPCC, Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance

 Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance

Being fully present and engaged can be a daily challenge for most people. In this interactive workshop we will learn sport psychology techniques and how to apply them to our daily lives. Specifically, this workshop will teach us focused goal-setting, as well as mindful, cognitive, and somatic strategies used by athletes to increase focus and performance.

  Enroll online

Space Physics Seminar

Seminar | September 17 – December 3, 2019 every Tuesday | 1-2 p.m. | 325 LeConte Hall

 Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL)

Hypothalamic Cell Types and Circuits that Drive Survival Behaviors

Seminar | December 3 | 2-3 p.m. | 125 Li Ka Shing Center

 Yeka Aponte, National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

The diverse collection of genetically-distinct cell types in the lateral hypothalamus (LH) is crucial for orchestrating a variety of motivated behaviors that facilitate survival. A pivotal role of the LH in regulating appetitive and reward-related behaviors has been evident for decades. However, the contributions of LH circuits to other survival behaviors has been less explored. Here we examine...   More >

Dissertation Talk: High-Q Strong Coupling Capacitive-Gap Transduced RF Micromechanical Resonators

Presentation | December 3 | 2-3 p.m. | Cory Hall, Swarm Immersion, 490 Cory Hall

 Alper Ozgurluk, Prof. Clark T.-C. Nguyen Research Lab, BSAC

 Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC)

Single-digit-nanometer electrode-to-resonator gaps have enabled 200-MHz radial-contour mode polysilicon disk resonators with motional resistance Rx as low as 144Ohm while still posting Q’s exceeding 10,000, all with only 2.5V dc-bias. The demonstrated gap spacings down to 7.98nm are the smallest to date for upper-VHF micromechanical resonators and fully capitalize on the fourth power dependence...   More >

Clinical Science Colloquium

Colloquium | December 3 | 3:30-5 p.m. | 1104 Berkeley Way West

 Joan K. Monin, PhD, Associate Professor, Yale University, School of Public Health

 Department of Psychology

A Daily Self-Regulation Intervention for Spouses of Persons with Early Stage Dementia

Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations Student Seminar: Propagation of singularities for gravity-capillary waves

Seminar | December 3 | 3:30-5 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 Hui Zhu, MSRI

 Department of Mathematics

The surface tension makes free surfaces of fluids instantaneously smooth. For 2D gravity-capillary waves, this phenomenon has been justified by Christianson–Hur–Staffilani and Alazard–Burq–Zuily as local smoothing effects. In this talk, I will present a microlocal justification of this phenomenon for gravity-capillary waves in arbitrary dimensions. My main results are two propagation...   More >

Harold S. Johnston Lecture: Atmospheric chemistry of volatile organic compounds in the limit as tropospheric NOx approaches pre-industrial concentrations

Seminar | December 3 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Paul Wennberg, Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering, Caltech

 College of Chemistry

As a result of controls on NOx emissions from cars, trucks, and electricity production, NOx levels (sum on NO and NO2) have decreased rapidly across North America over the past decades. The reductions in NO alter the photochemical pathways followed in the oxidation of numerous chemicals emitted from the biosphere and from anthropogenic activities. The gas phase chemistry in the low NO regime has...   More >

Navigating the US-China Confrontation: Lessons from John Fairbank and the 1950's

Colloquium | December 3 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Paul Evans, Professor of Asian and trans-Pacific affairs, University of British Columbia

 Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), Center for Chinese Studies (CCS)

The deepening Sino-American conflict presents very difficult problems for China scholars and universities with extensive activities in, on and with China. With an eye on the contemporary situation, the presentation will focus on the intellectual, institutional, and policy activities of John Fairbank in the 1950s. What can we learn from a Cold War era eerily consonant with today?

Paul Evans is...   More >

RESCHEDULED: Sugata Ray | Climate Change and the Art of Devotion: Geoaesthetics in the Land of Krishna, 1550–1850

Reading - Nonfiction | December 3 | 5-7 p.m. | 10 Stephens Hall | Note change in date

 Sugata Ray, Associate Professor of South and Southeast Asian Art, History of Art Department, UC Berkeley

 Munis Faruqui, Director, Institute for South Asia Studies; Sarah Kailath Professor of India Studies; Associate Professor in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies

 Institute for South Asia Studies, Department of History of Art, The South Asia Art Initiative at UC Berkeley

A conversation around Professor Sugata Ray's recent publication, Climate Change and the Art of Devotion: Geoaesthetics in the Land of Krishna, 1550–1850.

Branches of the Same Tree: The National Academies on the Role of the Humanities and the Arts in “STEM/M”

Panel Discussion | December 3 | 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Osher Theater

 Human Resources

Hosted by A+D’s ongoing public lecture series Arts + Design Mondays, this bold and imaginative conversation will contemplate the future of creativity in higher education and the future of Discovery at UC Berkeley. For this conversation, I will be joined by Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost; Randy Katz, Vice Chancellor for Research; together with Tom Rudin and Irene Ngun from...   More >

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

BPM 110 Foundational Finance

Workshop | December 4 | 10 a.m.-12 p.m. | #24 University Hall

 Human Resources

This workshop is for UC Berkeley Staff. The content covers budgeting and using your unit’s resources.

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Econ 235, Financial Economics Seminar: Topic TBA

Seminar | December 4 | 11:10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. | C210 Haas School of Business

 Tomasz Piskorski, Columbia Business School

 Department of Economics

Joint with Haas Finance Seminar


Seminar | December 4 | 12-1 p.m. | Valley Life Sciences Building, 3101 VLSB, Grinnell-Miller Library


 Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

MVZ Lunch is a graduate level seminar series (IB264) based on current and recent vertebrate research. Professors, graduate students, staff, and visiting researchers present on current and past research projects. The seminar meets every Wednesday from 12- 1pm in the Grinnell-Miller Library. Enter through the MVZ's Main Office, 3101 Valley Life Sciences Building, and please let the receptionist...   More >

BioE Seminar: Vibrational spectroscopy and plasmonics: a new toolbox for fingerprinting tumor-associated exosomes: Randy Carney, UC Davis

Seminar | December 4 | 12-1 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Randy Carney, UC Davis

 Bioengineering (BioE)

"Vibrational spectroscopy and plasmonics: a new toolbox for fingerprinting tumor-associated exosomes"
Randy Carney, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis

Do Conditional Cash Transfers Improve Economic Outcomes in the Next Generation? Evidence from Mexico: A Demography Brown Bag Talk

Colloquium | December 4 | 12-1 p.m. | 2232 Piedmont, Seminar Room

 Susan Parker, Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

 Population Science, Department of Demography

Susan W. Parker is a professor in the School of Public Policy at University of Maryland. Her research focuses on education and health in developing countries and on the evaluation of programs and public policies. Her current projects include studying the causes and consequences of the rise in obesity in Mexico, the health impacts of public health insurance, and mobile banking in poor populations.

Caring for the Caregiver (BEUHS124)

Workshop | December 4 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Class of '42

 Maureen Kelly, ED.D., LCSW, Be Well at Work - Elder Care Program

 Be Well at Work - Elder Care Program

As the population ages and our health systems provide less and less care, more caregiving responsibilities are being borne by family members. Caregiver stress, a result of the emotional and physical strain of caregiving, is reported at much higher levels by family caregivers than by non-caregivers. Caring for a loved one strains even the most resilient among us and impacts health. Caregivers,...   More >

The Psychology of Ritual

Colloquium | December 4 | 12:10-1:15 p.m. | 1104 Berkeley Way West

 Michael I. Norton, Professor, Harvard Business School

 Institute of Personality and Social Research

Rituals are ubiquitous in our personal lives – enacted before performances or during family holidays – and in our interactions with firms – from sports fans doing the “wave” to customers being served wine after an elaborate uncorking. Our research has documented the benefits of rituals in domains ranging from grief recovery to chocolate consumption to team performance to singing Journey’s “Don’t...   More >

Microsoft Access Query Design

Course | December 4 | 1:30-4 p.m. | 28 University Hall

 Human Resources

This course details the process of designing Select Queries in a Microsoft Access database. Emphasis is placed on sorting, ranking, filtering, interactive criteria, and modular design techniques. Learning Objectives * Understand the purpose and interdependencies of the six major database object types. * Contrast flat file data storage against relational database management systems. * Design new...   More >

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Paradigm shift in conservation of public lands

Seminar | December 4 | 1:30-2:30 p.m. | 251 Hilgard Hall

 Sarah Allen, National Park Service

 Society of Conservation Biology

Sarah Allen is a retired marine ecologist in National Park Service. She has been working as National Park Service Pacific West Region’s Ocean and Coastal Resources Program Lead and coordinating scientific research in the parks. In this talk, she will focus on the current and future challenges for national park management, and how to bring together scientists, practitioners, and the general public...   More >

Topology Seminar (Introductory Talk): Median spaces versus property (T)

Seminar | December 4 | 2:10-3 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 Indira Chatterji, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis

 Department of Mathematics

Median spaces are a natural generalization of CAT(0) cube complexes. I will give the definition and examples, and discuss their relationship with Property (T).

How to Email a Professor to Get a Positive Response: Workshop

Workshop | December 4 | 3-4 p.m. | 9 Durant Hall

 Leah Carroll, Haas Scholars Program Manager/Advisor, Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships

 Office of Undergraduate Research

Do you need to email a professor you've never met before to ask for their help, but you don't know where to start? Have you ever written a long email to a professor, only to receive no response, or not the one you hoped? If so, this workshop is for you! We will discuss how to present yourself professionally over email to faculty and other professionals ...   More >

BLISS Seminar: On sampling and inference of spatial fields from samples taken by a location-unaware mobile sensor

Seminar | December 4 | 3-4 p.m. | 400 Cory Hall

 Animesh Kumar, IIT Bombay

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

We consider the problem of spatial field inference using a location-unaware mobile sensor moving along a known path. The location-unaware sensing/sampling locations are modeled as a renewal process along the path, where the renewal distribution is not known. In this setup, where sampling locations as well as sample-location’s distribution is unknown, equispaced approximation of sampling locations...   More >

Stochastic persistence and extinction

Seminar | December 4 | 3:10-4 p.m. | 1011 Evans Hall

 Alex Hening, Tufts University

 Department of Statistics

A key question in population biology is understanding the conditions under which the species of an ecosystem persist or go extinct. Theoretical and empirical studies have shown that persistence can be facilitated or negated by both biotic interactions and environmental fluctuations. We study the dynamics of n interacting species that live in a stochastic environment. Our models are described by n...   More >

Berkeley Number Theory Learning Seminar: Homological Stability III

Seminar | December 4 | 3:40-5 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 DongGyu Lim, University of California, Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

ERG Colloquium: Alumni Panel: Achieving liveable, equitable, sustainable communities

Colloquium | December 4 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 126 Barrows Hall

 Louise Bedsworth, Executive Director, Strategic Growth Council; Zack Subin, Senior Consultant, Energy + Environmental Economics; Jeff Hobson, Independent Consultant; Merrian Borgeson, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council

 University of California, Berkeley

This colloquium features a panel of four accomplished Energy and Resources Group alumni who are leading advocates for liveable, equitable communities that address large-scale challenges like gridlock and climate change. ERG student Emma Tome will facilitate discussion of the panelists' academic and career paths, as well as current challenges these ERGies are tackling in their work within...   More >

EECS Colloquium: The Internet of Materials: The next logical step or a paradigm shift?

Colloquium | December 4 | 4-5 p.m. | Soda Hall, 306 (HP Auditorium)

 Gregory Abowd, Georgia Tech

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Revisiting Weiser’s 30-year old inspirational vision on ubiquitous computing, we see that there are three factors that today limit the kind of ubiquity that Weiser described: power, cost, and form factor. Using these factors to drive our efforts, we have created examples of computational materials at Georgia Tech that demonstrate self-sustaining computational devices that are manufactured with...   More >

Statistical Treatment of inverse problems constrained by differential equations-based models with stochastic terms: Neyman Seminar

Seminar | December 4 | 4-5 p.m. | 1011 Evans Hall

 Noemi Petra, UC Merced

 Department of Statistics

In this talk, we introduce a statistical treatment of
inverse problems constrained by models with stochastic terms. The
solution of the forward problem is given by a distribution represented
numerically by an ensemble of simulations. The goal is to formulate
the inverse problem, in particular the objective function, to find the
closest forward distribution (i.e., the output of the...   More >

Topology Seminar: Geodesic flow and tangent spaces on some non-positively curved groups.

Seminar | December 4 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 3 Evans Hall

 Indira Chatterji, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis

 Department of Mathematics

I will discuss actions on Lp-spaces, and describe some geometric features of a discrete group that can give such an action.

Teaching, Learning and Creating Change with Data: The Census and American Cultures

Panel Discussion | December 4 | 5-6:30 p.m. | Doe Library, Morrison Room


Professors Victoria Robinson, Irene Bloemraad and Joanna Reed will discuss how their American Cultures/Sociology courses use census data, combined with original data, to better understand the needs of Bay Area communities. Students will be sharing their findings, and curator-led tours of the Power and the People exhibit will be offered.

Power and the People: the U.S. Census and Who Counts

Techfair at Berkeley: UC Berkeley's all-new showcase for student makers

Conference/Symposium | December 4 | 6-10 p.m. | Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, Pauley Ballroom

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Techfair is a showcase focused on bringing together Berkeley's brightest student makers – students who're creating innovative, disruptive solutions to real-world problems. It's an event that identifies and highlights the side projects created by the maker community driving the Berkeley startup ecosystem.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Collaborating Effectively in the Workplace

Course | December 5 | 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. | 24 University Hall

 Staff Ombuds Office

To be successful in the rapidly changing workplace, staff must be able to collaborate with a variety of people within and outside the organization who have the skills, resources, and influence to tackle increasing complex challenges. Collaboration is a skill and a set of practices that are rarely taught in the workplace. In this course, staff will learn when and why to collaborate; ways to work...   More >

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Paris/Berkeley/Bonn/Zürich Analysis Seminar: Radiation fields for wave equations on asymptotically Minkowski spacetimes

Seminar | December 5 | 9:10-10 a.m. | 238 Sutardja Dai Hall

 Dean Baskin, Texas A&M University and MSRI

 Department of Mathematics

Abstract: Radiation fields are rescaled limits of solutions of wave equations near "null infinity" and capture the radiation pattern seen by a distant observer. They are intimately connected with the Fourier and Radon transforms and with scattering theory. In this talk, I will define and discuss radiation fields in a few contexts, with an emphasis on spacetimes that look flat near infinity. The...   More >

FULL: Botanical Illustration: Winter and Holiday Subjects

Workshop | December 5 – 6, 2019 every day | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

This two-day class will introduce you to the fascinating world of Botanical Art. Catherine Watters will teach you to observe, measure and draw plants in great detail and with botanical accuracy. Students will work with graphite, colored pencil and watercolors. All levels are welcome.

$190, $175 members

  Register online or by calling 510-664-7606

Chemistry in the Ultracold: Controlling Reactions with Quantum Statistics and Other Tricks

Seminar | December 5 | 10-11 a.m. | 775 Tan Hall

 Luigi De Marco Ph.D.

 College of Chemistry

EHS 403 RUA On-Boarding

Course | December 5 | 10:30-11:30 a.m. | 370 University Hall


 Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Dissertation Talk: Enhancing Performance of Analog Mixed Signal Circuits using Integrated Silicon-Photonics

Seminar | December 5 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | 400 Cory Hall

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Title: Enhancing Performance of Analog Mixed Signal Circuits using Integrated Silicon-Photonics
Speaker: Nandish Mehta, Dept of EECS, UC Berkeley
Advisors: Prof. Vladimir Stojanović

Date: 12/5/2019
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 noon
Location: Hughes Room, Cory 400

3-Manifold Seminar: Guts components of sutured decomposition and the Thurston Norm

Seminar | December 5 | 11:10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Yue Zhang, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

In this talk, I will try to give an introduction of Thurston norm, sutured decomposition. Furthermore we define the guts components of a homology class as the nontrivial parts in a sutured decomposition of the 3-manifold. I will show a statement that the guts do not depend on the selection of the facet surfaces and some examples in 3-manifolds which should satisfy our results. This is based on...   More >

Oliver E. Williamson Seminar

Seminar | December 5 | 12-1:30 p.m. | C330 Haas School of Business

 Federico Huneeus, Professor, Yale University

 Department of Economics

The Oliver E. Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis, named after our esteemed colleague who founded the seminar, features current research by faculty, from UCB and elsewhere, and by advanced doctoral students. The research investigates governance and its links with economic and political forces. Markets, hierarchies, hybrids, and the supporting institutions of law and politics all come...   More >

Healthier Holiday Treats (BEUHS641)

Workshop | December 5 | 12:10-1 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Section Club

 Kim Guess, RD, Be well at Work - Wellness

 Be Well at Work - Wellness

Cookies, cakes, and candies, oh my! Stand out from the crowd with unique holiday treats this year. Colleagues, family and friends will appreciate your support while you can save money by making homemade gifts and desserts! Presentation, demonstration, recipes, and sample provided.

IB Seminar: Heating up Ocean Outbreaks from Seagrasses to Seastars

Seminar | December 5 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building

 Drew Harvell, Cornell University

 Department of Integrative Biology

Data Science Showcase

Presentation | December 5 | 12:30-3:30 p.m. |  Sutardja Dai Hall

 Data Sciences

Join us for the Data Science Fall Showcase! The showcase will feature work from our Human Contexts and Ethics, Modules, and Discovery research projects on topics ranging from charter schools to the US Census to gender diversity.

How to Write a Research Proposal Workshop

Workshop | December 5 | 1-2 p.m. | 9 Durant Hall

 Leah Carroll, Haas Scholars Program Manager/Advisor, Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships

 Office of Undergraduate Research

Need to write a grant proposal? This workshop is for you! You'll get a head start on defining your research question, developing a lit review and project plan, presenting your qualifications, and creating a realistic budget.

Open to all UC Berkeley students.

BIO Express Travel Signature Day

Workshop | December 5 | 1-4 p.m. | International House, Great Hall

 Berkeley International Office(BIO))

Berkeley International Office has set aside this special day for *express* travel signatures just for you! Stop by any time during the hours below to get your documents signed on the spot (please read below—"Do You Really Need a Travel Signature?").

Come to the I-House Great Hall during the following days and times for your Express Travel Signature:

Thursday, December 5th,...   More >

ESPM Seminar Series, Fall 2019: Tom Buckley

Seminar | December 5 | 3:30 p.m. | 132 Mulford Hall

 Tom Buckley

 Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Mgmt. (ESPM)

Tom Buckley, Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis, will present: "Scaling gas exchange from leaves to canopies." Coffee will be available before the talk at 2:30PM in 139 Mulford; meet the speaker after the talk in 139 Mulford Hall.

Sodium channel dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders

Seminar | December 5 | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | 101 Life Sciences Addition

 Kevin Bender, University of California, San Francisco

 Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH

Multi-Scale Structure Control for Advanced Functional Materials

Seminar | December 5 | 4-5 p.m. | 6101 Etcheverry Hall

 Ozgur Keles, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, San Jose State University

 Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Abstract: Economic growth demands better products; hence, better materials. Specifically, product space in energy, defense, aerospace, and automotive industries requires materials that are multi-functional, lightweight, reliable, and tough. In addition, environmental regulations require sustainability. Comprehensive optimization of these requirements is possible through multi-scale structure...   More >

Borderland Dreams: Korean Chinese Migrants' Bodies, Money, and Time

Colloquium | December 5 | 4-6 p.m. | Doe Library, Room 180

 June Hee Kwon, California State University, Sacramento

 Center for Korean Studies (CKS)

This talk examines the remittance-driven everyday lives of Korean Chinese who move back and forth between Seoul, South Korea, and the Korean Chinese Autonomous Prefecture of Yanbian, China, an ethnic zone bordering North Korea.

Seminar 242, Econometrics: "A Unifying Design-based Theory of Regression Adjustment"

Seminar | December 5 | 4-5 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Joel A. Middleton, University of California, Berkeley

 Department of Economics

CRG Thursday Forum Series: How I Write

Panel Discussion | December 5 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 691 Barrows Hall

 Christian Paiz; Carolyn Smith

 Rachel Lim

 Center for Race and Gender

Get inspired for end-of-the-term writing with reflections and advice from Christian Paiz, assistant professor of Ethnic Studies; Carolyn Smith, UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow; and Rachel Lim, graduate student in Ethnic Studies.

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In the Ruins of Neoliberalism: The Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in the West

Panel Discussion | December 5 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 820 Barrows Hall

 Wendy Brown, Class of 1936 First Chair, UC Berkeley Department of Political Science; Gillian Hart, Professor Emerita, UC Berkeley Department of Geography; Tianna Paschel, Associate Professor of Sociology and African American Studies, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

 Social Science Matrix

Presented as part of Social Science Matrix "Authors Meet Critics" series, this panel discussion will feature Professor Wendy Brown's book "In the Ruins of Neoliberalism: The Rise of Anti-Democratic Politics in the West." Professor Brown will be joined by Gillian Hart, Professor Emerita of Geography, and and Tianna Paschel, Associate Professor of Sociology and African American Studies.

  RSVP online by December 2.

Professor Wendy Brown

Mathematics Department Colloquium: Peeking into Lower and Higher Dimensions Using Designer Quantum Matter

Colloquium | December 5 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 60 Evans Hall

 Hari Manoharan, Department of Physics, Stanford University

 Department of Mathematics

The laws of quantum mechanics allow for some strange and tantalizing behavior of electrons inside materials, but the most exotic of these phenomena have remained unobserved because they are out of reach in natural materials. I will explain experiments which target and reveal some of the most elusive behavior, by using special apparatus to assemble “designer” quantum materials one atom at a...   More >

Health Care Policy in East Asia: A World Scientific Reference Book Launch

Panel Discussion | December 5 | 5:30-7:30 p.m. | Berkeley Way West, First Floor Colloquium 1104

 Public Health, School of

Join us for a dynamic discussion and launch of an important new publication, Health Care Policy in East Asia: A World Scientific Reference, released under the editorial leadership of our own Professor Emeritus Teh-wei Hu.
Health Care Policy in East Asia is a four-volume publication designed to help health care professionals, academics, policymakers and general readers understand the background...   More >

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Responding to Challenging Times: Immigrant Well-being and Access to Services

Conference/Symposium | December 6 | 9 a.m.-12 p.m. | 109 Moses Hall

 Irene Bloemraad, Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative at UC Berkeley

 Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Institute

The Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative (BIMI) is proud to announce a symposium on immigrant services policy and the service barriers immigrants face in the Bay Area on Friday morning, December 6. This event brings together service providers, policy makers, and other stakeholders to learn about immigrant integration resources in the Bay Area, followed by a discussion about strategies...   More >

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Essig Brunch Seminar: Entomology - insects, arachnids, and other arthopods

Seminar | October 4 – December 13, 2019 every Friday with exceptions | 10-11 a.m. | Valley Life Sciences Building, 1101 (UCMP "fishbowl")

 See website for current speaker and topic

 Essig Museum of Entomology

Weekly seminar series focused on insect ecology, evolution, behavior, and other research topics.

FULL: Botanical Illustration: Winter and Holiday Subjects

Workshop | December 5 – 6, 2019 every day | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

This two-day class will introduce you to the fascinating world of Botanical Art. Catherine Watters will teach you to observe, measure and draw plants in great detail and with botanical accuracy. Students will work with graphite, colored pencil and watercolors. All levels are welcome.

$190, $175 members

  Register online or by calling 510-664-7606

Creating the protein version of DNA base pairing

Seminar | December 6 | 10-11 a.m. | 180 Tan Hall

 Zibo Chen Ph.D.

 College of Chemistry

Integral Taiji and Qigong

Workshop | December 6 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

You are invited to participate in Integral Taiji & Qigong classes at the UC Botanical Garden. Our classes will focus on somatic, psycho-spiritual, ecological, and cosmological dimensions of taiji (tai chi) and qigong.

Free with Garden Admission

  Register online

Dancing for Fun and Fitness (BEUHS605)

Workshop | December 6 | 12:10-1 p.m. | 251 Hearst Gymnasium

 Nadia Qabazard

 Be Well at Work - Wellness

Fit some fun and fitness into your day with these free, beginner dance classes. Zumba will be 9/6, Samba will be 10/4, Hula / Polynesian will be 11/1, and Zumba / Samba will be 12/6. No partner required. Comfortable clothing and athletic shoes recommended.

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Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar: Electronic, Thermal, and (Some) Unusual Applications of 2D Materials

Seminar | December 6 | 1-2 p.m. | Cory Hall, The Hogan Room, 521

 Eric Pop, Professor, Stanford, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and SystemX Alliance

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

This talk will present recent highlights from our research on two-dimensional (2D) materials including
graphene, boron nitride (h-BN), and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs).

Travel and Visa Webinar

Workshop | December 6 | 2-3 p.m. |  Online Webinar

 Berkeley International Office(BIO))

Learn about what to expect when traveling abroad and re-entering the U.S. Topics include: When a visa stamp is needed (and when it is not), documents you need to apply for a visa, the visa application process and timelines, security clearances, and travel to Canada and Mexico. A Question and Answer period will follow the presentation.

Please <a...   More >

Dissertation Talk: Towards More Scalable and Robust Machine Learning

Seminar | December 6 | 2-3 p.m. | 373 Soda Hall

 Dong Yin, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Dissertation talk - Dong Yin, PhD student, EECS Department

When Liquids are Liquids or Maybe Not: Nano Seminar Series

Seminar | December 6 | 2-3 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Prof. Thomas P. Russell, Univ of Massachusetts / Polymer Science and Engineering

 Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute

We introduce systems of liquids trapped in non-equilibrium configurations by interfacial assemblies of nanoparticle surfactants (‘NPSs’). These constructs consist of aqueous threads, length ~10-100 cm and diameter ~100 m whose mechanical properties are determined by an interfacial NPS assembly 20 nm thick. The interfacial layer consists of nanoparticles and polymers with complementary...   More >

BLISS Seminar: Gaussian limits in two inference problems

Seminar | December 6 | 2-3 p.m. | 212 Cory Hall

 Jingbo Liu, MIT

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Distribution limits in large systems are often the key to understanding the fundamental limits or designing inference algorithms, though sometimes not immediately recognized. I would like to discuss two pieces of my recent work with this flavor.
One piece of work concerns inference on trees. Evans, Kenyon, Peres, and Schulman (2000) and Mossel (2004) conjectured that the Kesten-Stigum (KS)...   More >

Student Probability/PDE Seminar: Constructing the Airy Sheet Using Brownian Last Passage Percolation VI

Seminar | December 6 | 2:10-3:30 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Milind Hegde, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We will present the recent construction of the Airy sheet by Dauvergne, Ortmann, and Virag. In the first talk we will prove the novel extension of the RSK correspondence at the center of their approach, which relates last passage values in a Brownian environment to last passage values in the environment of the Airy line ensemble. Reference: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1812.00309.pdf

David Simchi-Levi — Phase Transitions and Cyclic Phenomena in Online and Offline Learning

Seminar | December 6 | 3-4 p.m. | 1174 Etcheverry Hall

 David Simchi-Levi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

Abstract:  We consider the classical stochastic multi-armed bandit problem with constraints on the total switching cost and total inventory consumption. We prove matching upper and lower bounds on regret and provide near-optimal algorithms for this problem. Surprisingly, we discover phase transitions and cyclic phenomena of the optimal regret. That is, we show that associated with the inventory...   More >

Composition Colloquium: Radical 2

Colloquium | December 6 | 3 p.m. |  CNMAT (1750 Arch St.)

 Department of Music

MENA Salon: Uprisings in Iraq

Workshop | December 6 | 3-4 p.m. | 340 Stephens Hall

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Every Friday the CMES hosts an informal guided discussion of current events in the Middle East and North Africa, open to all.

Since 1 October, protests have erupted across southern and central Iraq. Calling for an end of the political system that was established after the U.S. invasion of Iraq and fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, demonstrators are fed up with political corruption, high...   More >

Developments in Networked Information: Review and Prospects

Seminar | December 6 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 107 South Hall

 Clifford Lynch

 Information, School of

This is the now-traditional extended preview of parts of the plenary talk that Iâll give at the CNI fall member meeting in the week of December 9. It will cover recent developments that Iâm tracking, and discuss near-term prospects and opportunities. Since we have more time than I will at the CNI plenary and the scope of this talk is more constrained, Iâll be able to go into more depth on some...   More >

Logic Colloquium: Questions about phase spaces of minimal Boolean flows

Colloquium | December 6 | 4-5 p.m. | 60 Evans Hall

 Dana Bartošová, University of Florida

 Department of Mathematics

By a flow, we mean a continuous action of a topological groups $G$ on a compact Hausdorff space $X$. We refer to $X$ as the phase space of the flow. We are primarily interested in minimal flows, that is flows that have no non-trivial proper closed invariant subset. Among minimal flows, there exists a maximal one called the universal minimal flow, $M(G),$ which admits a continuous homomorphism...   More >

Thesis Seminar

Seminar | December 6 | 4-6 p.m. | 125 Li Ka Shing Center

 Ignas Cerniauskas, Lammel Lab; Katarina Slama, Knight Lab; Daniel Toker, D’Esposito Lab

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

Ignas Cerniauskas (Lammel Lab): “Chronic stress induces activity, synaptic and transcriptional remodeling of the lateral habenula associated with deficits in motivated behaviors.”

Kata Slama (Knight Lab): "Electrophysiological mechanisms of visual search in humans"

Reception afterwards.

Worlding the narod: Recontextualizing the Chinese Reading of Russian Realism

Colloquium | December 6 | 4-6 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Roy Chan, Assistant Professor, Chinese Literature, University of Oregon

 Edward Tyerman, Assistant Professor, Russian and Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley

 Center for Chinese Studies (CCS)

This talks aims to examine the various ways in which Russian ideas about realism circulated in China, with particular emphasis on the People's Republic of China's deep engagement with Russian and Soviet literature. As the "the people" (renmin) constituted a normative pillar that was central to the PRC's political legitimacy, aesthetic practices designed to provide representational articulation of...   More >

Student Arithmetic Geometry Seminar: The Saturated De Rham-Witt complex, after Bhatt, Lurie, Mathew

Seminar | December 6 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Arthur Ogus, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

Let $X/k$ be a smooth scheme over a perfect field of characteristic $p$. The de Rham-Witt complex, constructed by Illusie (with roots in work by Bloch, Lubkin, and Deligne) is a canonical sheaf of differential graded algebras on the Zariski site which computes the crystalline cohomology of $X/W$ and which reveals a great deal of information about the action of the Frobenius endomorphism of $X$....   More >

Music Studies Colloquium: Melinda Latour (Tufts University)

Colloquium | December 6 | 4:30 p.m. | 128 Morrison Hall

 Department of Music

Stoic Remedies: Music as Psychotherapy in Early Modern France

Chancellor's Awards for Public Service Nominations - Last Day

Deadline | December 6 | 5 p.m. | Eshleman Hall, Online Nomination

 Public Service Center

Each year, the Chancellor recognizes students, staff, faculty, and community partnerships that embody UC Berkeley's proud tradition of public service and commitment to improving our local and global community. Faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, student organizations, and campus-community partnerships are all eligible. Award categories include: civic engagement, community-engaged...   More >

Grounds for Science - The Dark Matter of Physics Rap

Presentation | December 6 | 7-8:30 p.m. |  Hip Hop Juice Box

 3960 Adeline St, Emeryville, CA 94608

 Thomas Mittiga, Department of Physics


Rap is the language of the youth. Science is a way to expand truth. As the Genius of the Wu Tang Clan, GZA’s plan is to band his two muses through his new music. Enter Dark Matter: mad-sure to shatter the chatter that science-songs couldn’t be sadder. In this talk you’ll find the science behind the brilliant mind that writes the rhymes.

Grounds for Science - at the Juice Box

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Poet Garrett Caples on Sylvia Fein

Presentation | December 7 | 2 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Schedule note
Sylvia Fein is unable to participate in the program as previously announced. In lieu of a conversation, Garrett Caples, who has written on Fein's work, will present an illustrated talk about her life and art.

On the occasion of her MATRIX exhibition, poet Garrett Caples will present a talk on Bay Area painter Sylvia Fein’s life and art, from her student days in Wisconsin in the...   More >

Workshop: Your Thriving Space

Workshop | December 7 | 2 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

If you had a space or room of your own with no limitations, what would it contain? How would it look? Who would be there? Work with artists Marcela Pardo Ariza and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Rivera to create your own surrealist tiny set by assembling images and text in a prebuilt fifteen-inch cube. Taking inspiration from the exhibition Strange, this workshop encourages participants to embrace the...   More >

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Botanical Holiday Craft Workshop: Succulents and Tillandsias

Workshop | December 8 | 10 a.m.-12 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

Come enjoy this early December workshop to make beautiful gifts and home decor using living succulents and tillandsias (air plants). You will leave with a collection of perfect "host gifts" and unique holiday adornments for the home, such as mini succulent wreaths, hanging tillandsia globes to name just a few.

Share something wonderfully handmade by you this year, with living plants from the...   More >

$50/$45 UCBG Members

 This link is for the morning program. Register online

Botanical Holiday Craft Workshop: Succulents and Tillandsias

Workshop | December 8 | 1-3 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

Come enjoy this early December workshop to make beautiful gifts and home decor using living succulents and tillandsias (air plants). You will leave with a collection of perfect "host gifts" and unique holiday adornments for the home, such as mini succulent wreaths, hanging tillandsia globes to name just a few.

Share something wonderfully handmade by you this year, with living plants from the...   More >

$50/$45 UCBG Members

 This link is for the afternoon program. Register online

Film Composing in Real Time: A Workshop with Donald Sosin

Workshop | December 8 | 1:30 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Music plays a crucial part in our perception, experience, and enjoyment of filmgoing. This special workshop is a chance to explore the arts of film scoring and silent film accompaniment with Donald Sosin, a composer, pianist, and conductor with over four decades of experience scoring for film, television, and live performance. A veteran teacher of master classes for musicians of all ages, Sosin...   More >

Haptic Encounters Workshop

Workshop | December 8 | 2 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Useless Initiatives Collective members River Black, Jillian Crochet, and Beatriz Escobar lead a workshop that explores radical proxemics between bodies and objects. What is the meaning of human-to-human touch and proxemics in the age of touch screens? How do we attune our senses to the subtle experiences within our bodies, while inhabiting an urban world of sensory overload? Taking inspiration...   More >

Subjects for Further Research: A Collections-Based Micro-Residency

Presentation | December 8 | 5 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Research as artistic process. Work as experiment. Cinema as archaeology. In the spirit of open-ended curiosity, Oakland filmmaker and curator Alix Blevins leads participants through her research on experimental films and ephemera in the BAMPFA collection. Blevins applies the lens of an artist-filmmaker to investigate a history of experimental film culture, and explores the space claimed by...   More >