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Mark Morris Dance Group / Pepperland: Sgt. Pepper at 50
Critic’s choice

Gallery Talk: Elizabeth Sharf on the Japanese Collection

Thursday, December 13 | 12-1 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Elizabeth Sharf, a visiting scholar in UC Berkeley’s Center for Japanese Studies, offers a tour of Ink, Paper, Silk illustrating the breadth and depth of the BAMPFA museum’s important collection of Japanese art.MORE about Elizabeth Sharf on the Japanese Collection

Theater: Big Dance Theater — 17c

Thursday, December 13 | 8-10 p.m. | Zellerbach Playhouse
For more than two decades, the Obie Award-winning Big Dance Theater has been making work that undermines genre boundaries. The company’s latest effort is a portrait of Samuel Pepys, the outlandish 17th-century politician whose obsessive, tell-all diaries are a startling precursor to our own social media culture. Continues through Dec. 16.MORE about Big Dance Theater — <em>17c</em>

Big Dance Theater

Film: Il posto

Friday, December 14 | 6:30-8 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Ten years after neorealism’s waning came Ermanno Olmi, with his deceptively simple style of observation. In Il posto, an ingenuous lad just out of school is stuffed into a suit, shoved out of his suburban home, and pointed toward Milan in search of un posto sicuro: a steady job.MORE about <em>Il posto</em>

Performance: Bill Orcutt with Voicehandler

Friday, December 14 | 7-8 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Orcutt presents the premiere of a new algorithmic piece for Cracked entitled The Truth About Tuning. Voicehandler opens the evening with a performance.MORE about Bill Orcutt with Voicehandler

Film: The Emperor’s Nightingale

Saturday, December 15 | 3:30-4:50 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
A young, shut-away Chinese emperor becomes enraptured by a nightingale’s song—and then by its mechanical reproduction—in Trnka’s magical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.MORE about <em>The Emperor’s Nightingale</em>

Science at Cal Lecture - Assessing the potential impact of super‐eruptions

Saturday, December 15 | 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. | 100 Genetics & Plant Biology Building
If a future super-eruption was predicted, what would, or could, society do? Preparation for such low probability but high consequence events is difficult to imagine, yet some modest early measures can be considered.MORE about

Film: The Last Laugh

Saturday, December 15 | 6-7:30 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
A powerful study of that enduring status symbol, the uniform, and a piercing critique of its importance in German society, The Last Laugh is the story of a proud hotel doorman’s demotion to lavatory attendant and his fall from grace in the eyes of neighbors and relatives who had previously respected him. MORE about <em>The Last Laugh</em>

Performance: Black Life – Akande X

Saturday, December 15 | 7-8:30 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Writer Akande X shares “That Feeling When,” a multimedia presentation on the intersection of blackness, comedy, the Internet, and politics.MORE about Black Life – Akande X

Tour: Conifers of the Garden Walking Tour with Chris Carmichael

Tuesday, December 18 | 10-11:30 a.m. | UC Botanical Garden
Join Chris Carmichael, Research Affiliate and former Associate Director of Collections & Horticulture, on a tour of the Botanical Garden's vast collection of conifers.MORE about Conifers of the Garden Walking Tour with Chris Carmichael

Film: A Survey of Trnka’s Techniques

Wednesday, December 19 | 7-8:10 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Trnka’s earliest works already demonstrate his craftsmanship and artistry, moving from hand-drawn cartoons to surrealist interventions to the expressive beauty of his stop-motion beginnings. MORE about <em>A Survey of Trnka’s Techniques</em>

Film: The Tree of Wooden Clogs

Thursday, December 20 | 7-10 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Set in northern Italy in the early 1900s, the film follows three families of farmers and their interactions with their community, their wealthy landlord, and the land itself. MORE about <em>The Tree of Wooden Clogs</em>

Special Event: Winter Solstice Sound Bath

Friday, December 21 | 12-1 p.m. | UC Botanical Garden
With the return of the sun comes a promise from nature of renewal and growth. Attune with the natural slow, calm, inward energy of the Winter Solstice during this unique concert with live meditative sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls and finely tuned gongs within a grove of redwoods.MORE about Winter Solstice Sound Bath

Performance: Home Again—Tapestry Reimagined

Friday, December 21 | 7-8:30 p.m. | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Acclaimed San Francisco recording artist and producer PC Muñoz leads an all-star ensemble through a lovingly crafted reimagination of Carole King’s blockbuster 1971 album Tapestry.MORE about Home Again—Tapestry Reimagined

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