A Debate on Breaking Up Big Tech at the Berkeley Forum: Resolved: The U.S. Federal Government should invoke antitrust legislation to break up big technology corporations such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook

Lecture | November 12 | 6-7 p.m. | N100 Chou Hall

  , Berkeley, CA 94720

 Jonathan Taplin, Director Emeriitus, University of Southern California; Jessica Powell, Former VP of Communications, Google; Hemant Bhargava, Professor of Technology Management, University of California, Davis

 The Berkeley Forum

Over the last two decades, the valuation and market share of America's largest technology companies has increased massively. Now, some of these companies are under investigation for abusing their customers' privacy, abusing freedom of expression, enabling foreign powers to influence the American political process, and engaging in anti-competitive activities. Many now argue that the U.S. government should use anti-trust legislation as a mechanism for breaking up or regulating these companies. Such action would directly impact the economic environment of the Bay Area and also affect the digital services that each of us uses daily.


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