From Bat-Mitzvah to the Bar:: How Religion Shapes Women's Educational Aspirations and Attainment

Lecture | October 17 | 3-4 p.m. | Barrows Hall, 8th Floor, Social Science Matrix Conference Room

 Ilana Horwitz, Fellow at Stanford Center on Longevity, Stanford University

 Center for Jewish Studies, Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion, Department of Anthropology

It is well known that educational attainment in the United States is stratified based on race, class, and gender. But many people are surprised to learn that educational attainment rates also vary according to religious denomination. For example, American Jews are among the most highly educated religious groups, with 31% earning graduate degrees. The rates for other religious groups are much lower. Only 14% of Mainline Protestants and fewer than 10% of Catholics and Evangelicals earn graduate degrees. In this talk, Horwitz argues that one largely overlooked explanation for the discrepancies in educational attainment has to do with how girls develop gender ideologies and educational aspirations.

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