Depolarizing Climate Change:: A Conversation Between the GOP and the WWF

Panel Discussion | October 3 | 7-8:30 p.m. | 108 Wheeler Hall

 Elan Strait, World Wildlife Fund; Catharine Baker, California State Assembly

 BridgeUSA at Berkeley

Rising sea levels, increasing frequency of disasters, and melting ice caps, oh my! In a world of polarizing politics, climate change has become a topic of debate. What are the future ramifications of climate change? What is the responsibility of individuals and corporations? What policies should be enacted? To discuss these pressing questions, BridgeUSA is hosting two speakers, Elan Strait and Catharine Baker, to share from their respective experiences within the political sphere. Elan Strait is the Director of US Climate Campaigns for the World Wild Life Fund in DC, with experience working on the Paris Agreement. Catharine Baker is a Republican legislator, formerly an assemblywoman in the California Assembly. Both Elan and Catharine have addressed the issue by reaching across party lines.