Bancroft Library Roundtable: The Makings of a Mutiny: Ghadri Poetry and Interrogations of Subjugated Knowledges in History

Lecture | September 19 | 12-1 p.m. | Faculty Club, Lewis-Latimer Room

 Amrit Deol, PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Humanities, UC Merced

 Bancroft Library

How did a group of Indian laborers on the United States’ west coast almost bring down the entire British Empire in the early 1900s? Amrit Deol will discuss the history of the anti-colonial Ghadar Party, an Indian political organization formed in Astoria, Oregon in 1913, whose primary objectives were to free India from the British Raj and rid the world of imperialism. Over the next six years, the Party grew to include thousands of members across the globe and its political branches were established in North America, East Asia, Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. Located in San Francisco, California, the Party’s headquarters housed a printing press which published reports, prose, political manifestos, and histories. Most famously, the Ghadar Press published issues known as the Ghadar Gunj, or “Echoes of Mutiny,” a collection of political poetry which served to motivate their fellow Indians to join the revolution. In this presentation, Amrit Deol will examine how Sikhi, or Sikh thought, influenced the poems in the Ghadar Gunj.

 All Audiences

 All Audiences

 The Lewis-Latimer Room has a maximum capacity of 28 people. The doors will be shut and no more attendees may enter once the room is at capacity.

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