Microsoft Word Mail Merge Automation

Course | October 17 | 1:30-4 p.m. | 239 Campus Shared Services (1608 4th Street, Berkeley)

 Human Resources

This course details the process of performing automated electronic mail merges. Emphasis is placed on data source connections, integration and formatting of static and dynamic content, document layout types, and mail merge feature differences with Microsoft Publisher. Learning Objectives * Create calculated fields for use in merge documents. * Prepare and format static document content for integration with external record sources. * Link merge documents with external tables. * Integrate dynamic Merge Fields from external tables with static content. * Specify rules and conditional field values. * Perform single and multi-field sorts and filters. * Perform a merge simulation to check and report errors. * Preview results and process electronic merges. * Design a Directory to render multiple records in a tabular layout. * Understand the functional differences of Tables vs. Queries. * Identify mail merge feature differences between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

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