Berkeley Seminar on Global History: Borderlands and Border Crossings in the 19th-Century World

Seminar | September 20 | 4-6 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall | Note change in date and location

 Samuel Truett, Associate Professor of History, University of New Mexico

 Department of History, Institute of International Studies

As a historian who approaches the U.S. West and Mexican North primarily from the perspective of their shared borderlands, Professor Truett is interested in the crossings—social, cultural, and environmental—that have connected these two regions to the rest of the Americas and the world at large. Known best for his work in borderlands history, he also works actively in western U.S. history, environmental history, transnational history, Native American History, Mexican history, and the history of empires and borderlands in global context. His current research extends from continental North America into the indigenous and trans-imperial spaces of the Indian Ocean, the China Seas, and the Pacific basin., 510-642-0016