Two Presentations: PrivSec-F1: Compliance Focused Toolkit and Using CAPTCHAs to Measure Internet Fragmentation

Seminar | April 13 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 107 South Hall

 Ankeet Shankar & Anushah Hossain

 Information, School of

PrivSec-F1: Compliance Focused Toolkit
Ankeet Shankar

Based on the review and feedback provided during the last progress report presented on March 2, a subset of the report and key findings will be presented. This progress report will be focused on the legal aspects of PrivSec-F1 pertaining to soft requirements and guidance provided by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for businesses. This will focus on the key lessons learnt from over 50 FTC cases and complaints and a subsequent trend analysis and key learning which companies/start-ups may utilize for keeping their data safe.

Using CAPTCHAs to Measure Internet Fragmentation
Anushah Hossain

In 2015, the World Economic Forum (WEF) convened a session on âKeeping âWorldwideâ in the Webâ following increasing concern of internet fragmentation. Commercial, political, and technical interests have manifest as unequal quality and distribution of infrastructure, content censorship, data localization policies, and other forms of closure. The subsequent WEF report published in 2016 emphasized the difficulty and the need to summarize the scope and nature of internet fragmentation. What are the lines of fissure (geographic, cultural, or otherwise), and what are the consequences of fragmentation?

This early stage project outlines one entry point to tracking internet fragmentation. I propose studying a single page element â the CAPTCHA challenge â as a way of understanding the tensions in designing both a secure and usable web. Based on a literature review and document analysis, I summarize recent trends in CAPTCHA delivery, profiles of systematically disadvantaged users, and next steps for data gathering and framing.