Change Without a Footprint: A Student's Role in Global Health

Panel Discussion | April 10 | 7:30-9 p.m. | 109 Dwinelle Hall

 Sangeeta Tripathi, HEAL Initiative

 GlobeMed at Berkeley

Change Without a Footprint: A Student's Role in Global Health is a facilitated discussion on the implications of undergraduates working in global health led by the Director of Operations and Strategy at the HEAL Initiative, Sangeeta Tripathi. All students are welcome!

Sangeeta brings more than a decade of work in global health to the conversation. She has worked on the rapid acceleration of pediatric HIV treatment and on strategies to scale the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (pMTCT) with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), UNICEF, the WHO, and Johnson & Johnson’s worldwide philanthropic group. She has focused on working with key stakeholders – especially Ministries of Health, partners, and local health workers, to build ever-more responsive and impactful programming at sub-national, national, and global levels to improve health systems. Sangeeta earned her Bachelors in International Development Studies (Brown University) and a Masters in Public Policy (Harvard Kennedy School).

The guided discussion will make up the first half of the event. During the last half, Sangeeta and a physician from HEAL will answer questions about their own work and how students can get involved in global health.

 All Audiences, Friends of the University, General Public, Staff, Students - Undergraduate

 All Audiences

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