Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable

Conference/Symposium | April 6 – 7, 2018 every day | 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. | Faculty Club, SEABORG ROOM

 Department of German


Friday, April 6, 2018

8:30 am Registration

Morning Session: Thomas Shannon, Chair

9:00 am Ann-Marie Svensson & Jürgen Hering (Gothenburg University, Sweden)
From ‘enclosure’ to ‘urban settlement’: On the uses of Middle English town

9:20 am Karen Roesch, PhD (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
Morphological leveling in Indiana German: One case?

9:40 am Martin Dewey-Findell (University of Nottingham)
Small data non-solutions: dinosaurs, hobbits and vowels

10:00 am Erwin Tschirner (University of Leipzig)
Basic Vocabularies for German as a Foreign Language: What Makes Them Useful?

10:20 am Suzana Jurin (Universität in Rijeka, Kroatien)
Textsortenanalyse: Die katholische Messe

10:40 am Hans C. Boas (The University of Texas at Austin)
A new approach towards a systematic comparison of German-Language Islands

11:00 am Angelika Lutz (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Medieval poetic language: On the use of Norse loanwords in Old and Middle English alliterative poetry

12:00 - 1:00 Lunch

Afternoon Session: Sang Hwan Seong, Chair

1:00 pm Gary Holland (University of California, Berkeley)
The Origin of a Conjunction: kuit in Middle Hittite

1:20 pm Marc Pierce (University of Texas at Austin)
Katrin Fuchs (Valparaiso University)
The ‘Luther Myth’, Language History from Above, and Anglophone Handbooks of the History of German

1:40 pm Liu Mingya (Institute of Cognitive Science, Osnabrück University)
The wenn/falls contrast in German: with experimental evidence

2:00 pm David Chisholm (University of Arizona)
Daniel Call’s Schocker: German Knittelvers in the Late Twentieth Century

2:20 pm Iryna Novoseltseva (Independent Researcher)
Correlation between syntactic and semantic equivalence in literary translation

2:40 pm Olga Khotskina (Novosibirsk State University)
Deciphering Cultural Codes: First Personal Names

3:00 pm Matthias Fritz (Berlin, Germany)
Does the Pope err on the side of German criticism?

3:20 pm Glynn Custred, Professor Emeritus (CSU East Bay)
Language Spread and Variation in the History of the German Language with Special Reference to the Transylvanian Saxon and the Pennsylvania German Dialects

3:40 pm Aditi Lahiri & Johanneke Sytsema (University of Oxford)
14 Loans in Germanic & Metrical Patterns

4:00 Carlos Gussenhoven (Radboud University)
The Franconian tonogenesis revisited.

7:00 pm Dinner

John McWhorter (Columbia University)
English is Not Normal: Why English is a Semi-Creole Germanic

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Morning Session: David Chisholm, Chair

8:20 am Sean O Nuallain (Foundations of Mind)
The imprecatory mode in Irish Gaelic; an unexpected link with Quantum mechanics

8:40 am Vladimir Medvedev (Russian University of Transport (MIIT))
Some Remarks on the English Translation of Lion Feuchtwanger’s Novel “Jud Süss”

9:00 am Guido Seiler (University of Munich)
The Shwitzer language of Adams County (Indiana) as a laboratory for convergence and divergence

9:20 am David L. White (Austin, Texas)
Reasons to Think That Anglo-Frisian Developed in Britain

9:40 am Jenny Robins (University of Munich) Employing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology to Analyze Word Formation in the 15th-Century Early New High German Medical Lexicon

10:00 am Thomas Shannon (University of California, Berkeley) Word Order Shift in West Germanic: Examining Low German

10:20 am Laura Sacia Bonicatto (University of California, Berkeley)
The Duden as an ideological authority

10:40 am Frans Plank (Somerville College, University of Oxford)
Interrogative verb inflection: Why rare, though easily grammaticalised?

11:00 am Tonya Kim Dewey-Findell (University of Nottingham)
More than Grammaticalization: The Demonstrative > Definite Shift in Germanic

12:00 - 1:0 Lunch

Afternoon Session: Erwin Tschirner, Chair

1:00 pm Emily Claire Krauter (University of Texas at Austin)
Gender in Grimms’ Fairy Tales: Is the Girl an “It” or a “She”

1:20 pm Jing Ge (University of California, Berkeley)
Emoji Use for Consumer Engagement on Social Media – A Rhetorical Perspective

1:40 pm Matthias Warmuth (University of Texas at Austin)
The diphthongization of [eː] and [oː] in Texas German

2:00 pm Jordan Kodner (University of Pennsylvania)
Analogical Change as Rule Learning Gone Wrong: The Lengthened *ē-Grade in Proto-Germanic Strong Verbs

2:20 pm Irmengard Rauch (University of California, Berkeley)
On Saussure’s Politics

2:40 pm Alex Estes, Vera Feinberg, Michael Fragomeni, Sarah Harris, Zainab Hossainzadeh, Flor Marshall, Adam Nunes, Lindsay Preseau, Evelyn Roth, Scott Shell, (University.of California, Berkeley)
BAG XIV Forensic Phonology: English

3:10 Theo Vennemann (University of Munich)
German Toponyms as Evidence for the Vasconic Theory


The Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable is supported by the University of California, Berkeley, Division of Arts and Humanities, and the Max Kade Foundation, Inc.