Healthy or Sick? Co-Evolution of Health Care and Public Health in a Comparative Perspective

Lecture | March 20 | 12-1 p.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Philipp Trein, University of Lausanne

 Institute of European Studies

Health policymakers around the world face complex policy challenges such as chronic diseases, which require integrated policy responses. In this talk, Philipp Trein presents his book (forthcoming with Cambridge University Press), in which he analyses how policies to prevent diseases are related to policies aiming to cure illnesses. The book argues that two factors lead to a close relationship of curative and preventative elements in health policies and institutions: a strong national government that possesses a wide range of control over subnational levels of government, and professional organizations (especially the medical profession) that perceive preventative and non-medical health policy as important and campaign for it politically. The book provides a historical and comparative narrative of health policy in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and the US to substantiate this claim empirically.

Philipp Trein is a Senior Researcher at the Department of Political, Historical and International Studies at the University of Lausanne. and a Visiting Scholar at the IES. His research and publications cover health and social policy analysis, comparative federalism, and economic voting., 510-643-4558