C. Judson King: Building Research Eminence in the Physical Sciences at Berkeley

Seminar | April 10 | 12-1 p.m. | Dwinelle Hall, Academic Innovation Studio, 117 Dwinelle Hall (Level D)

 C. Judson King, Former director of the Center for Studies in Higher Education (2004 - 2014) and Provost and Senior Vice President - Academic Affairs of the University of California system (1995-2004)., University of California

 Center for Studies in Higher Education

The physical sciences at Berkeley were built to the highest stature in the first half of the twentieth century through an ad-hoc process driven by several key intellectual leaders among the faculty. Some of the most important factors were the strong institutional interests of these
faculty leaders, enablement by the administration, the establishment of the Board of Research, chartering of formal roles for the faculty through the Berkeley Revolution of 1919, the intellectual styles of Gilbert Lewis and Ernest Lawrence in particular, approaches to building
that reached across the individual disciplines, identification and assessment of the most promising faculty prospects by leading researchers themselves, and the multidisciplinary activities and opportunities afforded by Lawrence’s laboratory as it grew.

About the speaker: C. Judson King
Jud King has been with the University of California for 55 years and counting. Along with a full faculty career in chemical engineering, he has served in administrative posts that have given him a full perspective of the university. For the Berkeley campus he was successively Department Chair, Dean of the College of Chemistry, and Provost – Professional Schools and Colleges. He was then Vice Provost for Research for a year and Provost and Senior Vice President – Academic Affairs for nearly a decade with the university-wide administration.

Returning to the Berkeley campus, he directed their Center for Studies in Higher Education for another decade. He has spent the past several years preparing a book, The University of California: Creating, Nurturing, and Maintaining Academic Quality in a Public University Setting, published through the Center for Studies in Higher Education and now available both in print form through Amazon and as a direct download from UC’s open-access site, https://escholarship.org/. The content of this seminar is taken from that book.

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 The Academic Innovation Studio is located in Dwinelle Hall on Level D. Turn left as you enter the building from the main (Dwinelle Plaza) entrance.