Building Future Food at IndieBio

Information Session | November 14 | 7-8 p.m. | 223 Dwinelle Hall

 Food Science and Technology at Cal

Everyday, food and its associated technologies are moving more and more towards the future. Indie Bio, the world’s largest seed biotech accelerator, addresses future impactful problems by funding companies that can solve them.

Now, you have the chance to take some wisdom from IndieBio co-founder, Ron Shigeta. He has helped build companies such as Ava Winery, Astrona, Clara Foods, EnduraBio, Finless Foods, GEA Enzymes, Geltor, MiraculeX, New Wave Foods, theNotCompany, Memphis Meats, SugarLogix, WillowCup, and Wild Earth. At the event, he will be giving a tech talk on food economics and the creation of food molecule by molecule. He will also give his insight on how technology, consumer trends, and macroeconomics are pushing changes in our current food systems.