Science to Practice Conference Series: Building the Best Workplace for Health and Well-Being

Conference/Symposium | May 4 | 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. |  Haas School of Business

 College of Environmental Design

Every company providing physical workspaces must address one basic question: How should we build it? The answer is often missing one important practical factor – employee health and well-being. What if the company could create a structure that actually facilitated employee well-being, productivity, and organizational prosperity? Even if the company is considering only a remodel, could it do so to obtain these same outcomes? The answer to both of these questions is YES.

We now know through scientific studies and reviews of best practice what physical elements of the environment facilitate employees’ health and ability to do their best work. Cost, timeframe, and architectural aesthetics need not be significantly affected—smart design of the physical space can incorporate these priorities at the same time.

Presented by interdisciplinary research center Healthy Workplaces, this one-day conference presents the most up-to-date thinking and validated design strategies for building smarter workplaces that promote both well-being and organizational effectiveness. A team of national experts presents the facts based on science and best practice on what works (and what doesn’t) and how this translates into design strategies. Complementing the science, a panel of leading-edge practitioners and innovators will share their knowledge of smart workplace interventions and pitfalls to avoid. Participants will also receive a workbook summarizing the information provided in the conference and a decision-process guide integrating this knowledge into a coherent building project strategy.

Professor of Architecture and Associate Director of the Center for the Built Environment Galen Cranz will be one of the speakers at the conference, presenting a lecture titled "Designing for (Good) Posture and Movement." As the world’s expert on “the chair,” the Alexander technique, posture, and body conscious design, Professor Cranz is a consultant and speaker to organizations and professional societies, changing the way people think about posture, movement, and workplace design.