Film: On the Roof (El Techo) with Director Patricia Ramos

Film - Feature | March 23 | 5-7 p.m. | 5215 Dwinelle Hall

 Patricia Ramos, Director

 Elena Schneider, Department of History; Daylet Dominguez, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

 Department of History, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Center for Latin American Studies

A study of race and disaffection among Havana’s youth, "On the Roof" received two important awards at last year’s Havana Film Festival and is now making its U.S. debut. Director Patricia Ramos is in the U.S. screening the film at several film festivals, where the film has had an enthusiastic reception.

After the screening, Elena Schneider (History) and Daylet Dominguez (Spanish & Portuguese) will discuss the film with Ramos, as well as broader issues of art, film, and politics in today’s Cuba.

Film in English and Spanish.

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