StoryCon 2017: The Policy Puzzle

Conference/Symposium | March 7 | 12-4 p.m. |  Alumni House

 Public Health, School of

Every day, policy determines the rights and freedoms we exercise in our individual lives. As public health leaders, policy plays an integral part in influencing health and has the ability to improve lives. Storytelling is essential to the legislative process. Through storytelling, we can advocate for policy change to improve population health, secure grant money for our research and organizations, and tell the stories of our communities we serve.

“The Policy Puzzle” reflects the complex nature of policymaking. Who are the key decision makers? How does the legislative process operate? How might we, as public health practitioners influence policy? StoryCon 2017 will inform attendees about the legislative process, initiate engagement with policy and inspire individuals to play an active role in shaping policy in their respective fields.

Please join us for this exciting event! All are welcome!

  Register online or or by emailing by March 7, 510-643-0881