Swarm - Terraswarm Seminar: Rick McGeer: The Matrix: A Field Guide to the Next Internet

Seminar | February 2 | 12:30-2 p.m. | Cory Hall, 490 Cory

 Rick McGeer, US Ignite

 Swarm Lab/Terraswarm

The past 15 years has seen the emergence of a large number of distributed infrastructures: PlanetLab and GENI in the United States, GLab, NorNet and FED4FIRE in the EU, SAVI in Canada, VNode in Japan, and many others. These infrastructures can be viewed as a new kind of network or a new kind of cloud. As a network, one that is defined by computational services rather than protocols or hardware; as a Cloud, one that is always close to the user, wherever he is, rather than arbitrarily scalable in one of a few central locations. In this talk, Rick will describe the architecture and experience of PlanetLab and GENI, and discuss the next phase in their joint evolution: going from a centrally-managed bespoke network to a viral, virtual, and truly ubiquitous network: The Matrix. Rick will also discuss the new forms of network services and applications such a ubiquitous network will provide and demo one of them.

 hckuan@eecs.berkeley.edu, 510-642-6239