The Future of Sensory Perception

Lecture | February 8 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. |  Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse

 2020 Addison, Berkeley, CA 94704

 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Scientists and other sensory explorers are developing powerful new technologies that can change, enhance and perhaps expand the limits of what we can perceive. They are building retinal implants to restore vision to the blind, creating robotic limbs to touch at a distance, testing whether Tylenol can soothe the hurt of romantic rejection, using perfumes to help people with Alzheimer's recover lost memories, and searching for a mysterious "sixth taste." To explore the cutting edge of sensory science for her book We Have the Technology, Kara Platoni spent a year among perfumers, picklers, soldiers, engineers, cyborgs, robots, surgeons, virtual reality explorers and clockmakers. She'll share some of their stories, and thoughts on what they might mean for the future of human experience.

Kara Platoni is a science reporter based in Oakland, California and teaches at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. She was formerly a staff writer at the East Bay Express as well as an editor at the environmental magazine Terrain. We Have the Technology is her first book.

Admission is $10 for the general public. Free for OLLI members and UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff., 510-642-9934