Andean Studies Conference, Day 1: Institute for Andean Studies

Conference/Symposium | January 10 | 8:30 a.m.-5:40 p.m. | 160 Kroeber Hall

 John Rick, President, Institute for Andean Studies

 Institute of Andean Studies

A Map of Locations Relevant to the Meeting is available.

Please note that the conference is taking place in 160 Kroeber Hall this year.

See SATURDAY (Day 2 of 2) Program on a separate posting.
FRIDAY MORNING 8:30-9:15 Registration

Session chair: TBA, TBA

This meeting is dedicated to the memory of John W. Janusek.

ERIK MARSH, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina; ANDREW RODDICK, McMaster University; ELIZABETH KLARICH, Smith College; CHRISTINE HASTORF, University of California, Berkeley
The incised and the slipped: Tracking the tempo of northern and southern Titicaca basin Formative ceramic styles

LUIS A. FLORES, University of California, Davis
Goods to everyone: Obsidian during the Formative Period of the Titicaca basin

Break 10:30–10:45

SARAH A. MASSEY, Independent
Tajahuana: New perspectives on a Paracas site in the Ica valley

LISA DE LEONARDIS, Johns Hopkins University
Narratives of place and space: Architectural form and motif at Casa Blanca

FRIDAY MIDDAY 11:45-1:45
Sixth Annual Commensal Feast at the Heyns Room, ground floor of the Faculty Club. All are welcome; no signup or schedule; purchase cafeteria lunch and enter the room across from the food line: 11:00‒2:00

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology tour (two groups of ten only; sign up at registration; meet in the first floor lobby of Kroeber Hall
outside Room 103 by the house posts): 12:15‒12:45 and 1:00‒1:30

Poster session, 120 Kroeber Hall: 1:00‒1:45FRIDAY

AFTERNOON 1:45-5:35
Session chair: TBA, TBA

OSCAR ARIAS ESPINOZA , Programa de Investigación Arqueológica y Conservación en Chavín de Huántar de Stanford University
Prácticas de renovación arquitectónica en el centro ceremonial Chavín de Huantar durante el Periodo Formativo (3300–2550 AP)

MIRIAM A. KOLAR , Amherst College
The Chavín pututus: Instruments of wind, water, and world-building in the Andean Formative

Break 2:45–3:00

RAFAEL VEGA CENTENO , Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
La ocupación Lima en Maranga y el valle bajo del Rímac

GEOFFREY L. TAYLOR , University of California, Berkeley; MATTHEW P. SAYRE, High Point University
Wari foodways: A view from the urban core of Huari

Break 4:00–4:15

D. RAMÓN TORREZ CRUZ, Saberes Bolivianos Investigaciones Sociales y Culturales
Complementariedad y conflicto en los sitios arqueológicos de altura en la montaña Sajama durante el Periodo Intermedio Tardío (1000–1450

LORENA GRANA (IAS 2020 TRAVEL GRANTEE ), Instituto de Datación y Arqueometría, Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico “Gral. Manuel Savio,” Universidad Nacional de Jujuy; MARCOS QUESADA , Centro de Investigaciones y Transferencia de Catamarca, Universidad Nacional de Catamarca; VICTORIA A RÉVALOS , Centro de Investigaciones y Transferencia
de Catamarca
Agricultural oasis at the southern puna: Ancient water management in Antofagasta de la Sierra (Argentina)

Break 5:35–5:50

Annual Business Meeting (IAS members only)

The program, including the poster presenters and titles, continues on the SATURDAY (Day 2 of 2) posting.

 $40 Early registration,  $10 Student early registration,  $60 Registration after Jan 1 and at the door,  $20 Student registration after Jan 1 and at the door

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