BioE Seminar - David Camarillo: Bioengineering Department Seminar

Seminar | September 25 | 12-1 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 David Camarillo, Stanford University

 Bioengineering (BioE)

“Precision measurement and prevention of mild brain trauma”
David Camarillo -- Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering and Neurosurgery, Stanford University

Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) affects 55 million people worldwide and can lead to neurodegenerative disease. My goal is to enable early detection and prevention of mTBI. We have pioneered sensing of head acceleration through the teeth, which has spawned an entirely new industry of “smart” mouthguards. In my  laboratory, we use this acceleration data to drive finite element models of the brain, combined with highly sensitive neuroimaging to discover mechanisms of mTBI. I will present preliminary data that suggests that blood brain barrier disruption, a potential initiator of neurodegeneration, is a common mechanism of mTBI in contact sports.  Finally, I will present data on a technology we recently invented that has the potential to prevent mTBI when placed in helmets.