Disability Management: Understanding the Process (BEUHS550)

Workshop | September 10 | 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Ed Center

 Mary Kelly, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Disability Specialist, Be Well at Work - Disability Management

 Be Well at Work - Disability Management

Come and join us for an Interactive and Informative look into the process of Disability Management.

This workshop uses Scenario-based instruction to teach and reinforce subjects such as the Interactive Process; Essential Job Functions; Reading and analyzing Work Status notes; the Transition back-to-work and Effectiveness of Accommodation(s) and its documentation; Applicable State and Federal Laws; University Policy related to Disability; as well as, Return to Work and Stay at Work programs, to mention a few.

We will move through the process of Disability Management from the identification of a possible need for the employee’s return to work and/or other options.

We will navigate and become familiar with the process and understand the available resources and when to access them.

Bring with you your Burning Questions, and a willingness to engage with peer learners within the workshop. We look forward to meeting you!

 mankelly@berkeley.edu, 510-642-1914