Old Masters in a New Light: Rediscovering the European Collection

Exhibit - Painting | September 19 – December 16, 2018 every day |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Since 1872, the University of California, Berkeley has been collecting works by European artists, building a collection that includes many rare and exceptional works distinguished by artistic innovation, emotional and psychological depth, and technical virtuosity. Consisting mostly of gifts from professors, alumni, and other supporters, the collection continues to evolve, representing artistic influences and connections among many European countries, from the fourteenth century to the dawn of the modern era.

Recently, BAMPFA has worked with scholars and experts from around the world to determine more accurate attributions for a number of these works, a process that has resulted, in one instance, in the discovery that a work by a previously unidentified artist is actually a significant painting by the fourteenth-century Venetian master Paolo Veneziano. We have also undertaken efforts to clean, conserve, and reframe numerous paintings representing the breadth and quality of the collection. This exhibition is the culmination of these efforts—presenting our Old Master collection in “a new light” for your appreciation.

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