California-China Partnership on Energy and Climate Change

Conference/Symposium | September 11 | 1-4 p.m. | Alumni House, TOLL ROOM

 CENTER FOR ECONOMICS, RESOURCES, AND INNOVATION, Berkeley - Tsinghua Joint Research Center on Energy and Climate Change (BTJRC)

Two of the world’s leading economies, California and China, share a determination to address climate risk and other sustainability challenges with bold commitments to policy technology innovation. Finding themselves at the forefront of efforts to secure long-term prosperity for their own people and those who would follow their example, the two have established a multi-faceted alliance for progress toward a low-carbon future. Several leading agencies of the California state government are working with Chinese ministries to share the state’s decades of experience on innovative energy and environmental policy. NGOs on both sides have established broad-based dialog on common problems and collaborative solutions. Finally, universities and research institutions in China and California are working intensively together to deliver the evidence and innovations needed to support a new generation of lower carbon economic progress.

Co-hosted by the UC Berkeley Center for Economics, Resources, and Innovation (CERI) and the Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center on Energy and Climate Change (BTJRC), this half-day conference will share California–China the climate partnership experiences of policy makers, researchers, and NGOs. Lessons learned can reaffirm progress across this dynamic alliance for sustained and inclusive prosperity.