Hands On 13: An Artists’ Books Event: Debris: Inorganic Organic with Lauri Twitchell

Social Event | September 7 | 4-6 p.m. | Wurster Hall, 210 - Environmental Design Library Atrium

 Lauri Twitchell


Artists' books are simply books made by artists. Whether tactile or conceptual, they range in thematic content including the political, the sentimental, the instructive, or the purely beautiful. Our Hands On Artists’ Book events allow you to handle 25 books from our rare book vaults.

Found objects, whether natural or debris found in the landscape, evoke a dialogue between maker and object. Drawn, collaged, or photographed, these objects and ideas are turned into a meaningful form: the book.
Lauri Twitchell is a graduate of UC Berkeley. She is a gardener, naturalist, and artist. As an artist’s book maker, she finds meaning in found materials such as fallen branches, rocks, bark, and birdsong.

Wine and light refreshments will be served. Hosted by David Eifler, Jennifer Osgood, Molly Rose and Lauri Twitchell.

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