Biomechanics Meets Robotics: Computational Mechanics and Robot Planning Together for Robot Design: Surya Singh (University of Queensland)

Seminar | July 19 | 12-1 p.m. | 540AB Cory Hall

 Surya Singh, University of Queensland

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

When targeting surgically, accuracy is sine qua non. Achieving this
is difficult as inserting a needle displaces the tissue and moves the
target. Intraoperative imaging provides limited guidance. Moreover,
the coming generation of surgical robots has a precision finer than
the best imaging. How, then, should fine placement be achieved?

This talk introduces the development of some new tools that enable
more robust robot operation by integrating fast non-linear
biomechanical models that predict tissue motion with principled
(Lie-symmetric) motion compensation.

I will also discuss how this more broadly motivates work in control
and planning under uncertainty as a framework for not only handling issues brought about by novel environments, but also provides tools that enable novel robot designs sans compromise.

Dr. Surya Singh is at The University of Queensland (UQ) and heads the Robotics Design Lab (RDL). His research interests lie in the design and control of compliant systems in novel (dynamic, non-Lambertian) environments that challenge traditional assumptions. Recent results include methods for fast decision making under uncertainty, sub-mm needle placement, and adaptive aids for the visually impaired. His robotics course and question-based peer review teaching software (OpenPlatypus) have received university teaching awards. His long-term goal is to democratize robotics and robotics education beyond its hackneyed stereotype and into the milieu.