Keys to the Communicative World Language Classroom - Strand C:: Designing Thematic Units: 2018 theme = "Caribbean Quest !"

Course | September 22 | 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. |  Dwinelle Hall

 Don Doehla, Co-director, Berkeley World Language Project

 Gloria Payette, Team Leader, Berkeley World Language Project

 Berkeley World Language Project, Berkeley Language Center

• Leverage advocacy for World Languages for the Common Core
• Increase instruction in the target language using authentic resources
• Embed real world, culturally relevant resources in thematic units
• Infuse diverse tech tools to engage all students
• Expand leadership and presentational skills
• Augment your toolbox of Common Core literacy development strategies
• Guide instruction with essential questions and learning targets
• Incorporate authentic resources: video, text, and multi-media of all types
• Improve proficiency-based assessments: rubrics, formative, summative

 All Audiences

 All Audiences

 $350 Registration for 6-Saturday Workshop series

  Registration opens March 15. Register by calling Victoria Williams at 510-877-4002 (X 19), or by emailing Victoria Williams at by September 7, 510-877-4002 (X 19)

 BWLP Strand C 2018 Registration, BWLP Strand C 2018 Registration

 BWLP Strand C 2018 Registration