Hard Times: Critical Approaches to Crisis and its Aftermath: 2018 Near Eastern Studies Graduate Student Conference

Conference/Symposium | April 28 | 9 a.m.-5 p.m. | 340 Stephens Hall

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

9:00 am: Check-in & refreshments

9:30 am: Welcome Remarks

9:45 am: Crisis & Conflicting Narratives
- "Sermonizing the First Fitnah: the Rhetoric of Ali's Khutab and their Depiction in the Sources," Tynan Kelly, University of Chicago
- "Saul in Textual Tradition: Examining the Text-Memory of Israel's Rejected King," Jenna Kemp, UC Berkeley
- "I Have a Story, Too: Suicide Bombers, Borders, and Peripheral Narratives," Rachel Winter, UC Santa Barbara

11:15 am: Coffee Break

11:35 am: Rupture & Return: Crisis & the Re-establishment of Convention
- "Reimagining the Declining 'Body' Politic: A Conceptual History of Ottoman and Turkish Crisis," Christin Zurbach, UC Berkeley
- "Lessons of the Failed Attempt of Establishing Diplomatic Relations and Opening the Closed Armenian-Turkish Border," Davit Safaryan, Yerevan State University
- "Copts, the State, and the 1949-50 al-Majlis al-Milli Electoral Crisis: Articulating Community in a Time of Anxiety," Weston Bland, University of Pennsylvania
- "The Implications of Ihsan for the Stoning Punishment in Islamic Law," Syed Atif Rizwan, UCLA

1:25 pm: Lunch Break

2:55 pm: The Destabilization of Home and Heritage: Destruction & its Aftermath
- "Islamic Humanitarian NGOs and Faith-Based Approaches to Refugee Protection in Turkey," Ayda Apa Pomeshikov, University of Washington
- "Walled Off? Settlement Enclosure Wall Construction during the First Intermediate Period," Oren Siegel, University of Chicago
- "The Making of 'World Heritage': UNESCO, Spectacle, and Enduring Legacies," Stephenie Machabee, Yale University

4:25 pm: Closing remarks
Adam Anderson, UC Berkeley

Sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the Townsend Center, and the Department of Near Eastern Studies

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